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#DeletedLeaks: OpenLeaks Founder Daniel Domscheit-Berg Deletes Stolen WikiLeaks Documents

Holger Stark @holger_stark

#CCC-activist Andy Mueller-Maguhn explains in a #SPIEGEL-interview why he mistrusts #Openleaks-founder #Domscheit-Berg:

14/08/2011 22:31:11 WIB
Holger Stark @holger_stark

The whole interview with #CCC-activist Andy Mueller-Maguhn about #Openleaks, #Wikileaks and leaked documents in the new issue of #SPIEGEL

14/08/2011 22:33:16 WIB
Holger Stark @holger_stark

I just spoke to #Assange. The only keys 4 the unreleased #Wikileaks docs are in the hands of #DDB and his partner. Why do they destroy it?

19/08/2011 19:15:07 WIB
Cassie Findlay @CassPF

Shockingly stupid/dangerous treatment of whistleblowers by #OpenLeaks Story at WL Central:

20/08/2011 07:49:56 WIB
Cabledrum @Cabledrummer

@Asher_Wolf From the first day on DDB intended to compete against WikiLeaks instead of complementing them. Not worth anything

20/08/2011 08:16:06 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula german MSM took note of #OpenLeaks announcing their plan to destroy stolen datas from WikiLeaks. Tells much. #DDB #IHateThisCountry

20/08/2011 08:17:02 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula

When #DDB saw that he lost his "good reputation" b/c somebody finally looked behind the Bad #Assange thing he decided destroying #KNOWLEDGE

20/08/2011 08:31:09 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula

This is a break of ALL hacker codes existing. you don't destroy knowledge. Esp not if people gave it while being endangered #DDB

20/08/2011 08:32:05 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula

"All information should be free" @shugyosha read this and see what you're breaking

20/08/2011 08:36:04 WIB

If I was a repressive autocrat or a corporate criminal, little would make me happier than a leak org covering my tracks for me. #DDB

20/08/2011 08:38:59 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating" don't you dare! #OpenLeaks #DDB

20/08/2011 09:29:14 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

The real #2 whistleblowing site is @Balkanleaks. Why does #Openleaks not pass the data to them? Or other 3rd party? @shugyosha @wikileaks

20/08/2011 09:49:09 WIB

Wow, woke up to a world unanimously angered by DDB. He won't destroy the data, only pretend he has. #DDB will use the data for #openleaks

20/08/2011 15:57:59 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula

@anontana to #WikiLeaks data. He himself admitted taken 3000 submissions (! so more data) with him when leaving WL and wants to destroy them

20/08/2011 17:12:20 WIB
Rechnungen @HomoCarnula

still MSM blackout in germany bout #deletion of @wikileaks submissions by #OpenLeaks and #DDB :-/

20/08/2011 17:21:49 WIB

#DDB the credibility of the tabloid diary you call a "book" just decreased even further. Sorry it didn't work out between you and Julian <3

20/08/2011 17:29:41 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@abditum @homocarnula what more confirmation than the issue has global rammifications & we're yet to see articles in the mainstream media?

20/08/2011 17:41:15 WIB
˗ˏˋ Griffin bOo0os! ˎˊ˗ @abditum

@Asher_Wolf @homocarnula Mainstream media only cares about finished products with leaks ready to publish. They don't care about the process.

20/08/2011 17:41:55 WIB
💧Peter Kemp @peterkemplawyer

#DDB prospective data 'burner' note Heinrich Heine 'Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen'

20/08/2011 17:42:14 WIB
˗ˏˋ Griffin bOo0os! ˎˊ˗ @abditum

@anked Why would OL destroy the keys to the data? Even if they don't get along with some orgs, there are responsible people who would help.

20/08/2011 17:48:08 WIB
Birgitta @birgittaj

@gerge42 - just saw this - need to verify if this is true and on what grounds before i comment

20/08/2011 17:55:23 WIB
Birgitta @birgittaj

@certainquirk @melbourneninja - how in the world can i have possible caused this?

20/08/2011 17:55:56 WIB
Birgitta @birgittaj

@frontpage9 @gerge42 - i support leak sites - thus support openleaks & wikileaks - this war between the concepts of leaking is very damaging

20/08/2011 17:59:41 WIB
Birgitta @birgittaj

@eigensinn83 @x7o @Scytale @ioerror - thanks for the blog - what a mess, i dont see any real solutions - wish i could do something.

20/08/2011 18:11:12 WIB
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