Mahmoud Jebril Speech Transcription

Speech earlier today on Libya Free TV Also, livestream from their site.
Alwasat @alwasatengnews

Mahmoud Jebril speech: We want #Tripoli residents to be responsible and assume their positions to protect Tripoli and personal properties.

21/08/2011 02:52:06 WIB
Alwasat @alwasatengnews

Jebril speech: We rely on them to participate in rebuilding #Libya. Do not destroy any buildings bc this will further burden Libya's economy

21/08/2011 02:53:12 WIB
Alwasat @alwasatengnews

Jebril: We will show ff's they are not alone and that their is coordination between inner and outer forces and citizens should not worry.

21/08/2011 02:54:11 WIB
Alwasat @alwasatengnews

Jebril: Don't resort to revenge from those who inflicted harm. A mediating organization will be looking at all crimes over past 42 yrs,

21/08/2011 02:55:59 WIB
Alwasat @alwasatengnews

& everyone will have what he is entitled. Those who stay at home & those w hands in their arms, will be safe. --end Jebril speech. #Tripoli

21/08/2011 02:57:02 WIB


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