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ICRP dialogue.The 9th Dialogue on Rehabilitation of Living Conditions after the Fukushima Accident "Raising children in Fukushima" started.
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Mr.Lochard:welcome all. 4months from last meeting. ...Fukushima persimmon seems promising...conditions. mothers. small childrens. everyone
Self introduction
Date City Mayor Nishida's speech
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before that,words from Date City Mayor:decontamination almost finished in Date. But anxiety still exist....
Session 1: Presentations on the current situation and the support of children in Fukushima
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Session1:Presentations on the current situation and the support of children in Fukushima.
The situation and support of children in Fukushima
Current situation of children's support in Fukushima
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Mr.Lochard:now session 1 starts. Ms.Goto:when the NPP accident occured, I was Fukushima city mom. recercher. health. anxiety. discussed moms

I(Ms.Goto) was a researcher when the Nuclear power plant accidents occurred in Fukushima. I discussed the situations with mothers. ...Some people think baby cannot understand words or outside world around him/her. But that's not true. Babies and small children can understand you and your situation much better than you think. So, I advice mothers, "talk to your baby."

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they say talk to your kids. they can hear and think when they are age 1. already. time of the accident. risk. radiation.lack of vitamine.

Scientists tried to send many radiation related information to people. But people didn't accepted quite a lot of points. There was a huge gap.

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huge gap. scientists try to send. how far ppl accepted. ...helth workers. how to support parents anxiety after Fukushima NPP accident.
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high risk ppl. pickup. support. training. education of health workerd. data important. decided . data local authority. comminity data.

Psychiatrist and health workers tried to pick up high risk people who are having much anxiety and got depressed, by doing paper survey(sending interview sheets). Psychological health conditon of mothers.

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with univ students. mental health data of mothers. after the accident. anxiety. going up. parenting. decreced confidence. disagreement in

"Do not go out! You play inside, kids." Mothers tend to afraid radiation more than fathers.

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mom and dad. depressed. mom afraid more about radiation. avoid kids go out and play outside. dad more okay. meetings. discussed.
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communication with local residets. "Japanese gov. say like this..."not good. "we ,I, helth workers consider like this"better...health

When we use these words, "Please listen. Japanese government is saying ...", people tend not to listen. I found. It's not working. Instead, we should use 'our own words really came out from our heart.' "we ,I, health workers consider like this..." This is better.

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-literacy. we need more. ... discussed. group work. casual session. communicated. understanding of risks. need knowledge of statistics.
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