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8.18.11 #dwdchat on Death with Dignity & Religion

Monthly chat hosted by the Death With Dignity National Center. This month's topic was the role of religion in Death with Dignity.
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

Welcome to this month's Death with Dignity tweetchat. I’m your host, Melissa, from the Death with Dignity National Center #DWDchat

19/08/2011 04:59:37 WIB
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

For the next hour my tweets will be focused on Death with Dignity & religion, feel free to join if you'd like! Let's get started. #DWDchat

19/08/2011 04:59:59 WIB
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

We provide information, education, research & support for the preservation, implementation & promotion of Death with Dignity laws. #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:01:18 WIB
Nora Miller @nmillpdx

Hi. Checking in...I guess I'm just an interested bystander ;-) #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:02:48 WIB
Tim Marangon @medicineandlaw

Hi, I'm a lecturer in law based in UK with particular interest in medical law and ethics #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:03:34 WIB
bhadash @bhadash

I am the Unitarian Universalist minister in St. Johnsbury #dwdchat

19/08/2011 05:03:41 WIB
Cancer Girl @cancergirl730

I'm a firm believer and supporter of DwD #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:04:12 WIB
Lisa Fields @PracticalWisdom

Good Evening: I'm Lisa Transforming the Ho-Hum into Compelling. Curious Speaker/Trainer/Pres.Design #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:04:27 WIB
Lisa Linkin @lisa_linkin

We talk about the death with dignity act in my courses #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:05:33 WIB
Village Memorial @VillageMemorial

We support Death w/Dignity, Choice in end of life, Freedom and Liberty. #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:06:01 WIB
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

I'll give people a couple more minutes to check in & introduce themselves before T1. #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:07:15 WIB
Lisa Linkin @lisa_linkin

Do you think these laws will spread to more states? #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:07:44 WIB
Lisa Fields @PracticalWisdom

@VillageMemorial I've found you all very supportive in so many of our communities. Going the extra Mile to U R care @DeathwDignity #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:08:10 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

We're working to get Death with Dignity passed in #VT. #dwdchat

19/08/2011 05:08:22 WIB
Nora Miller @nmillpdx

@lisa_linkin I feel sure that they will, although it may take some time, more in some states than others... #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:08:45 WIB
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

@lisa_linkin Absolutely! Looks like the New England states are most likely next. #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:08:51 WIB
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

Looks like we're all ready to dive into the first discussion topic. Here we go... #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:09:48 WIB
Death with Dignity @DeathwDignity

T1: During the dying process what is the role of religion and/or spirituality? #DWDchat

19/08/2011 05:09:53 WIB
Patient Choices VT @PatientChoices

You can find out about our efforts in #VT at #dwdchat

19/08/2011 05:09:54 WIB
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