Some Tips On Racism from Me (ABL) to You (and Your Face)

This Chirpstory is a nice companion to the "Anthony Noel is a Nutbag" Chirpstory from hell. It's short and amusing. Let it wash over you like so many tears of a clown.
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NewProgs @NewProgs 13/08/2011 08:39:07 WIB
@AngryBlackLady Here's an idea: Stop being angry, get over being black, and start debating like a human. Whenever you're ready, I'll be here
NewProgs @NewProgs 17/08/2011 01:31:36 WIB
@AngryBlackLady Here's the thing, ABL, being an African American does not make you the sole arbiter of what is racist. But backing Obama...
NewProgs @NewProgs 17/08/2011 01:33:43 WIB
@AngryBlackLady ...when the same performance by a non-African American would win your disdain certainly qualifies you for the charge.
NewProgs @NewProgs 15/08/2011 02:25:24 WIB
@phive0phor How is encouraging ANYONE to get past their own ethnicity in assessing a president's effectiveness "racist"? WALOC!!
NewProgs @NewProgs 15/08/2011 04:44:18 WIB
@phive0phor What's the difference? Nobody's suggesting people not take pride in their ethnicity! But when you make it the litmus test for...
NewProgs @NewProgs 15/08/2011 04:46:28 WIB
@phive0phor ...judging a leader's performance, that's racism with a capital R. I worked too hard for him not be disgusted in O - AND...
NewProgs @NewProgs 15/08/2011 04:49:03 WIB
@phive0phor ...have fought too hard against racism all my life to let an Obamabot accuse me of same, just to keep his sorry ass in the WH.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:34:08 WIB
ATTENTION TWEEPERSONS: I regret to inform you that I am not the sole arbiter of what is racist. With Regrets, ABL #hearye #hearye #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:35:34 WIB
THIS JUST IN: Studies show that it is black people who identify racist deeds, statements, and behavior that are The Real Racists. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:39:04 WIB
BREAKING: If you are called racist, you may invoke the "rubber/glue" caveat thus rendering the person calling you racist, a racist. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:40:31 WIB
If the person calling you racist is a *black* person, immediately raise the "I know you are but what am I" defense and be absolved. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:41:44 WIB
If the person calling you racist happens to be Arabic, cry "TERRORIST!" and tell him or her to go pray at the Ground Zero Mosque. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:42:46 WIB
If you are called "racist" by people speaking Spanish, deport them forthwith; they're harboring anchor babiez who will blow you up. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:44:11 WIB
If you are Asian, don't bother calling out racism. You are invisible and don't count. And shouldn't you be doing math anyway? #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:54:10 WIB
If you're called racist by a LGBTQ, scream "GAYCIST" and snap flamboyantly. No, It doesn't make sense, but neither does "LGBTQ." #TFY #p2
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:45:44 WIB
If you've haphazardly labeled yourself "progressive" or "liberal," fear not. It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to be racist. THEY'RE racist. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:46:36 WIB
And that brings us full circle to the "rubber/glue" caveat. This has been Lessons on Racism. I'm your host, ABL. Try the alligator. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 06:48:29 WIB
RT @scribblemethis: @AngryBlackLady What if you're multiracial? // mulattos, half-breeds, and other mud people are self-loathing and racist.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 07:04:29 WIB
DUEL RT @EricMartIngalls: @AngryBlackLady cmon now you know white people love nothing more than calling other white people racist. #whatthen
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 07:40:42 WIB
RT @Johngcole: I don't know if Perry is a racist, but he did have an assist in the murder of Cameron Todd Willingham // FOLLOW THE RULES!1
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 07:12:29 WIB
@SCalaisS I feel like Oprah. "YOU'RE a racist, and YOU'RE a racist. Reach under your chair! THERE'S a racist. ERRRYBODY IS RACIST. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 07:14:20 WIB
The thing is: if you find that you're getting called racist, like, *a lot* and by multiple people of color (and no-color)... um... #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 07:16:44 WIB
If you find yourself saying, "I'm not racist but __" or "I've been fighting racism for [insert no.] years/my whole life!" then... #TFY #p2

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Imani Gandy Corn 🎃 @AngryBlackLady 17/08/2011 08:27:44 WIB
edited to add tweets from the Nutbag Progressive Alliance.
John Fehner @InfinityCircle 17/08/2011 16:18:42 WIB
Thanks for this. It's important to see how desperate the Right is that they are now trying to destroy the #DNC from within.
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