Librarians Rock Red Clay -- A plan

A Twitter discussion about getting a couple of the world's best librarians to Red Clay Writing Project. It's a life changing experience!
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

Teaching for the Students - Nat. Writing Project: via @addthis from one of my favorite teachers, Dr. Bob Fecho #nwp

14/08/2011 06:51:15 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@cmslibrarylady the two courses I took with him were life-changing--hope I get the chance to do another one day.

14/08/2011 07:41:04 WIB
Shawn Hinger @cmslibrarylady

@buffyjhamilton Yes, and you should go out and buy all of his books for your professional collection, teachers need to read his work!

14/08/2011 07:42:39 WIB
Shawn Hinger @cmslibrarylady

@buffyjhamilton You MUST do Red Clay Writing Project with him and JoBeth next summer. That is life-changing too!

14/08/2011 07:43:58 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@cmslibrarylady JoBeth is an amazing teacher, too. I WANT to do Red Clay badly--so much--but I wish ALA did not overlap w/ it. Feel torn.

14/08/2011 07:45:16 WIB
Beth Friese @librarybeth

@buffyjhamilton @cmslibrarylady I am holding out hope that next year is my year to do RCWP...

14/08/2011 07:46:07 WIB
Shawn Hinger @cmslibrarylady

@buffyjhamilton They need you. Bet they'd let you off for a few days. You must talk with them when it's time. It is right up your alley.

14/08/2011 07:47:19 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@librarybeth @cmslibrarylady maybe we will get to do Red Clay together next summer! I feel this is something I really need right now.

14/08/2011 07:47:36 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@cmslibrarylady when does the call for applications normally go out? Feb.?

14/08/2011 07:47:54 WIB
Shawn Hinger @cmslibrarylady

@buffyjhamilton Bob's must recent work is so you; dialogical classroom, etc.

14/08/2011 07:49:19 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@cmslibrarylady I so wish you and I lived closer! We need to meet up for lunch/dinner once the dust settles from the beginning of school.

14/08/2011 07:49:25 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@librarybeth I hope so---the time is right, I think, for me to do this. I hope we can do Red Clay together! Would be even better for me!

14/08/2011 07:50:05 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@cmslibrarylady oh wow....I hear Red Clay calling my name right now.

14/08/2011 07:50:44 WIB
Shawn Hinger @cmslibrarylady

@librarybeth @buffyjhamilton. You two together in RCWP, omg. Library Rock Stars meet Red Clay, so awesome! I am jealous I won't be there!

14/08/2011 07:51:20 WIB
Beth Friese @librarybeth

@cmslibrarylady @buffyjhamilton you know we will be tweeting like crazy, keeping up this year's tradition (@ndcollier)

14/08/2011 07:52:44 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@librarybeth it WILL be life-changing for sure--yes, let's keep nudging each other these next few months. We have to make this happen!

14/08/2011 07:53:11 WIB
Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton

@librarybeth @cmslibrarylady @ndcollier this is a happy thought and dream that we can nurture through the fall and winter!

14/08/2011 07:56:00 WIB
Shawn Hinger @cmslibrarylady

@librarybeth @buffyjhamilton @ndcollier Nicole changed my life forever; is one of the reasons Red Clay was so meaningful to me; love her!

14/08/2011 07:58:29 WIB
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