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all the buzz at International Marine Conservation Congress @IMCC2014 #IMCC3

Chirpstory of #IMCC3 tweeted timeline. 14-18 August 2014 • Glasgow, Scotland Read More
Jake Levenson @JacobLevenson

@looksouth btw: @redlipblenny gave a gr8 ppt on 'science' of scientific whaling @ #imcc3 . Reminded me of sitting in the back @ IWC.

21/08/2014 19:37:30 WIB
Int Pole & Line Fdn @IPNLF

Our Communications Coordinator @huxofthesea guest blogged for the #IMCC3 - check it out!

21/08/2014 19:30:52 WIB
Nick Hill @nickaohill

No1 #WDYLF #IMCC3:Plastic is so pervasive in marine environment that it's hard to find feed that is free from plastic chemical markers!

21/08/2014 19:26:44 WIB
Nick Hill @nickaohill

What 5 new and amazing facts did you learn at IMCC3? WhatDidYouLearnFrom #WDYLF #IMCC3

21/08/2014 18:29:44 WIB
Becca Short @BeccaEShort

Broken by #IMCC3 - on the sofa for two days feeling sorry for myself, but totally worth it! Now lots of messages to remember #oceanoptimism

21/08/2014 18:16:36 WIB
Vit Sea @Vit_Sea

. Tanzania: Zanzibar Islands to Get Protection… #IMCC3 tourism driven? enforcement? local buy-in?

21/08/2014 15:58:56 WIB
Craken MacCraic @Craken_MacCraic

We must act now to save the vaquita porpoise @SCBMarine issues a challenge to NGOs… #IMCC3

21/08/2014 12:04:26 WIB
Craken MacCraic @Craken_MacCraic

.@ErichHoyt @WHALES_org @NOAA @MBSociety at #IMCC3 @SCBMarine put money on the table 2 get a prof fundraiser 2 raise the $60mil vaquita need

21/08/2014 11:55:40 WIB
ActivismoCientifico @ScientificActiv

@BaskingSharkSco #BaskinsharkSco @IMCC2014 #IMCC3 #IMCC2014 how to meet after International Marine Conservation Congress to see the UK sea ?

21/08/2014 07:01:58 WIB
Daniel Dunn @danielcdunn

#IMCC3 denigrating academia and publishing within marine science is not #oceanoptimism... bring scientists to the table don't eat them.

21/08/2014 07:01:11 WIB
Holly Kindsvater @HollyKindsvater

@Vit_Sea @ConsLevin @brettfavaro I have noticed is that NMFS folks at least focused on US stocks/issues; #IMCC3 MUCH more global perspective

21/08/2014 06:18:14 WIB
Daniel Dunn @danielcdunn

Post #IMCC3: I've had it w/many activists all or nothing attitude. Conservation takes all kinds & we need to work together. #yourenothelping

21/08/2014 06:16:06 WIB
ActivismoCientifico @ScientificActiv


21/08/2014 06:07:51 WIB
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