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London Calling is designed for those interested in nanopore sensing. Participants in the MinION Access Programme (MAP) will share their experiences and attendees will be able to learn more about the future of this technology and its applications. You do not have to be a participant on the MAP to attend this conference. #nanoporeconf OR @NanoporeConf OR nanopore OR nanopores OR @nanopore
Charlie Johnson @BioMath

@OmicsOmicsBlog @deannachurch @nanopore a collaborator brought in DNA with avg frag length of ~220kb. They used a method from 80s :)

03/06/2016 21:22:46 WIB
Yuri Quintana @yuriquintana

Just a SmidgION: Oxford Nanopore announce iPhone-powered sequencing…

03/06/2016 21:04:50 WIB
Steve Thomas @TNIMAN

Tom Cohen of Nanopore, "1st win is really difficult but traction snowballs quickly."

03/06/2016 20:29:57 WIB
Oxford Nanopore @nanopore

@GENEius_Science It is indeed! MinIONs going to @ISS_Research on @spaceX 9 in a few weeks. Follow the story at

03/06/2016 20:14:06 WIB
GENEius Science @GENEius_Science

Could this be brought to us by @nanopore's #MinION? First DNA Sequencing in Space Could Happen This Summer… #science

03/06/2016 20:12:15 WIB
Oxford Nanopore @nanopore

@pedro_miura developers within the nanopore community will have first access…. Hope you can join us!

03/06/2016 20:11:38 WIB
Oxford Nanopore @nanopore

@Africa4Science yes- the @nanopore MinION is going up in a few weeks, you can follow the story at!

03/06/2016 18:56:40 WIB
Konrad Paszkiewicz @kpaszkiewicz

Don't forget to register for #porecamp. Hands on nanopore training with the best! @UofE_Research

03/06/2016 18:47:20 WIB
Fernando Martin @fermarsan

Just a SmidgION: Oxford Nanopore announce iPhone-powered sequencing | @scoopit

03/06/2016 18:18:04 WIB
Innovation Links @innovationlinks

Oxford Nanopore announce iPhone-powered sequencing | Front Line Genomics

03/06/2016 18:15:42 WIB
Clínicas Vitaluz @clinicasvluz

¡Descubre Nanopore Stylus!, El Revolucionario Tratamiento para la inducción de Colágeno ya ha llegado a Clínicas...

03/06/2016 18:09:33 WIB
Kamau CharlesWairuri @charleswairuri

@SeqComplete @DaleYuzuki From a live facebook video call to sequencing, from space amazing. Are they going to use #nanopore sequencing?

03/06/2016 15:48:19 WIB
Clínica Sarabia @ClinicaSarabia

Nanopore turbo-roller, regeneración natural de colágeno y elastina en tu piel. ¡Novedades en la clínica!

03/06/2016 13:30:45 WIB
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SeqComplete @SeqComplete

#nanopore Dave Roberts on Twitter: "The Challenges of Implementing Next Generat……, see more

03/06/2016 13:19:59 WIB
Machine Learning @machinelearnflx

Machine-learning Based Sequence Analysis, Bioinformatics & Nanopore Transduc here #machinelearning #machinelearnbot

03/06/2016 12:26:23 WIB
John Smutko @Smutt235

@OmicsOmicsBlog @BioMath @deannachurch @nanopore Anything that means I never have to sit in front of a Covaris ever again is good.

03/06/2016 09:16:22 WIB
Keith Robison @OmicsOmicsBlog

@BioMath @deannachurch @nanopore yup! But blows up dogma that you won't find DNA that long after ordinary pipetting

03/06/2016 08:21:50 WIB
Charlie Johnson @BioMath

@OmicsOmicsBlog @deannachurch @nanopore at some point around those lengths DNA isolation/processing is the problem not the sequencer

03/06/2016 07:54:55 WIB
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