Religion, Christianity & Hypocrisy

@JKelton1 and @DesertCroneNM have a conversation on the hypocrisy of calling out Christians who fall into less than Christian actions while giving a pass to other religions.
MariaMeanmuthafukah @desertcronenm

@JKelton1 Anyway, I think one reason Pres Obama practices patience & civility is because he is a devout Christian--one who attempts to

09/08/2011 10:45:22 WIB
MariaMeanmuthafukah @desertcronenm

@JKelton1 emulate Christ. Many Christians do try to be Christ-like but of course we are humans with all the accompanying flaws.

09/08/2011 10:46:41 WIB
MariaMeanmuthafukah @desertcronenm

@JKelton1 It's hard for many to separate out Christians who are racists or misogynistic or whatever from those who are trying live by the

09/08/2011 10:48:00 WIB

@desertcronenm say that exact thing about Muslims and Jewish people. and see how it sounds to you.

09/08/2011 11:15:23 WIB

@desertcronenm but hey it's cool to call out Christians, and cool to Liberals to accept anything abt other religions. no. it's called lying.

09/08/2011 11:16:11 WIB

@desertcronenm but hey other religions aren't misogynistic or racists, and Muslims just all took over North Africa by being nice & Spain -

09/08/2011 11:16:55 WIB

@desertcronenm just let them walk in, unlike the mean Christians. I don't care what someone thinks, but diss it, you diss Obama. that is -

09/08/2011 11:17:33 WIB

@desertcronenm -is a fact. of course, maybe he is stupid and misogynistic. who knows. he really is a Christian, though. as am I. I will not

09/08/2011 11:18:24 WIB

@desertcronenm -bother anymore with Liberal atheists who are a small percentage of the population suggesting they are smarter & better.

09/08/2011 11:19:24 WIB
MariaMeanmuthafukah @desertcronenm

@JKelton1 I agree. I don't mean to come across as argumentative.

09/08/2011 11:19:02 WIB

@desertcronenm you don't. it's another person/s who do and does. :) but suggestion that he attempts to practice something, which you don't-

09/08/2011 11:20:18 WIB

@desertcronenm -believe in, see I'm tired of people who don't believe in it suggesting how it should be practiced properly. I think O knows

09/08/2011 11:21:19 WIB

@desertcronenm @liberalcrone I do find it hard when people laugh at religion, but then bend to say "oh, we so respect Muslims" I respect -

09/08/2011 11:41:45 WIB

@desertcronenm @liberalcrone -them, also, but find it disingenuous when people don't give the same respect to Christians. but hey. ;)

09/08/2011 11:42:23 WIB


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