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The Onion @TheOnion 26/07/2014 03:09:59 WIB
Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations
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Tom Morello @tmorello 26/07/2014 05:22:43 WIB
@GovtIsrael: Israel has the right to defend against little terrorists” Some of them sure are reeeeal little. #cognitivedissonance
Tom Morello @tmorello 26/07/2014 05:36:47 WIB
@Kyle7735: When u hide behind children bad things happen. What would you do Tom?” I would never kill children and work backwards from there
Tom Morello @tmorello 26/07/2014 05:53:22 WIB
@mpslater:when Hamas has terrorists in tunnels under a kibbutz w/children is that ok?" How many times do I have to say it: it's NEVER ok
Tom Morello @tmorello 26/07/2014 05:56:50 WIB
@Legas101: These same people you're sticking up for are the same ones who cheered in the streets on 911.” The dead toddlers??
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 26/07/2014 23:39:42 WIB
I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I don't believe for 1 second that all Israeli's condone this. Most people just want the violence to stop.
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 26/07/2014 23:41:27 WIB
When this many innocent people die, we must raise awareness. Imagine it was you? Your family? Would you want people to remain silent? #gaza
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 26/07/2014 23:50:38 WIB
I've taken that picture down because kids might be following me. This is what people are sending me. Asking to raise awareness to it.
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 26/07/2014 23:53:24 WIB
How as a father can I ignore that? How can you as a human ignore that? You cannot stick your head in the sand any longer.
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 27/07/2014 00:03:17 WIB
If you don't like what I'm currently talking about just unfollow. Its a relatively simple process. #StopKillingChildrenInGaza
Tom Morello @tmorello 27/07/2014 01:26:57 WIB
I am always opposed to the killing of children @cocoasaurus that's where we differ
Tom Morello @tmorello 27/07/2014 01:33:15 WIB
@atif_shafique: why did RATM break up precisely when we needed you the most?" Prob needed most during Bush but I agree it's foolish
Tom Morello @tmorello 27/07/2014 01:48:57 WIB
@Mike_Knowles: Interesting times when u have to clarify that ur opposed to thekilling of children. by interesting I mean horrifying.” Bingo
Dena Takruri @Dena 27/07/2014 07:59:02 WIB
.@marclamonthill on @CNN bravely said what no one in US media dares to: "Resistance is not terrorism" #Gaza #occupation #Palestine #Israel
Nour Odeh @nour_odeh 27/07/2014 15:40:59 WIB
@DaliaHatuqa: Not The Onion: Owl hurt by Hamas fire recovering…” but don't mind the +1000 dead they're Palestinians
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 27/07/2014 17:39:14 WIB
Being criticised for using my profile to raise awareness of fellow human beings being murdered rather tell you what new product is cool...
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 27/07/2014 17:41:05 WIB
...or what I ate for breakfast or that I have just played with a colleague on a video game. Fucked up World at times. 👍
Nour Odeh @nour_odeh 27/07/2014 23:02:02 WIB
@paulmasonnews: "Why does the world hate us?" I talk to one Israeli soldier on the Gaza crossing.
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 28/07/2014 01:46:47 WIB
Can the people that have sent me the numerous images of murdered innocent people in Gaza send some to @Soccerissue so he is aware of events.
Ouriel Daskal @Soccerissue 28/07/2014 01:47:59 WIB
@Joey7Barton I am aware of it. It's awful and it's wrong. However, this story is not one-dimensional
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 28/07/2014 01:48:59 WIB
@Soccerissue Yes completely and utterly. You cannot and should not try to justify this. Its unjustifiable. Innocent kids are dying.
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 28/07/2014 01:50:57 WIB
@Soccerissue you should have stopped at its awful and its wrong.
Joey Barton @Joey7Barton 28/07/2014 01:51:28 WIB
@Soccerissue do you condone the murder of hundreds of innocent people?
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