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#Hillsborough files released (an archive)

An archive. Huge. See also (a much smaller one): #JFT96 #Hillsborough: Tweets by @LFC and @livechonews
Tim Goodbody @RockinRev66

BBC News - LIVE: Hillsborough files released: Live coverage

12/09/2012 18:33:13 WIB
Ben Erlam @BenErlam

Cameron now making Commons statement on Hillsborough.

12/09/2012 18:33:14 WIB
hilman widyananda @hilman_97

Dokumen Penting Terkait Tragedi Hillsborough Dirilis

12/09/2012 18:33:14 WIB
Adam Boulton @adamboultonSKY

Now Hillsborough Report. DC One of the greatest peacetime tragedies of last century. 96 people died.

12/09/2012 18:33:15 WIB
Rob Harris @RobHarris

David Cameron on Hillsborough: "One of the greatest peacetime tragedies of the last century"

12/09/2012 18:33:16 WIB
Carl @Carlzinho

Let's see what the government has to say about Hillsborough.

12/09/2012 18:33:17 WIB
Audun Ulshagen @asuls

Nå kommer Camerons uttalelse om Hillsborough:

12/09/2012 18:33:18 WIB
Rob Colley @Welshracer

BBC Parliament is the place to be to hear statement on Hillsborough #parliament.

12/09/2012 18:33:18 WIB
Darren Rutland @DarrenRutland

House of Commons falls silent as the Prime Minister begins his statement on Hillsborough

12/09/2012 18:33:19 WIB
Esto es Anfield @estoesanfield

La Policia varió o destruyó 116 de las 164 declaraciones de los policias presentes en #Hillsborough para culpar a los fans. Via @thefarm2012

12/09/2012 18:33:20 WIB
David Williamson @dp_williamson

DC now making statement on Hillsborough - "one of the greatest peacetime tragedies"

12/09/2012 18:33:21 WIB
Jack Blanchard @Jack_Blanchard_

#Hillsborough underway statement now from PM. Describes it as "One of the greatest peactime tragedies of the last century"

12/09/2012 18:33:21 WIB
TheEmptyNet @elliott_stanley

All I will say about Hillsborough is I hope the many #NFFC fans who were scarred for life by that day are not forgotten.

12/09/2012 18:33:23 WIB
Darren Shaw @gierrofo

It doesn't matter if its a bit long for modern attention spans but you *have* to read the link I just posted about Hillsborough.

12/09/2012 18:33:24 WIB
Daniels mummy ❤ @NikkiABoleyn

Prime Ministers statement on Hillsborough is live now!

12/09/2012 18:33:25 WIB
zombiehatlady @GrumpyHatLady

Not sure greatest was an appropriate word for the hillsborough disaster

12/09/2012 18:33:27 WIB
Anthony Wiltshire @anton_wiltshire

R.I.P. to the 96fans who lost there life at Hillsborough. No one should go to the football and not come home.

12/09/2012 18:33:27 WIB
Kirsty @LFCKirstyLFC

Hillsborough: Brian Reade on the day that changed football forever via @mirrorfootball #MustRead

12/09/2012 18:33:27 WIB
J_Brook @J_Brook

Hope today brings some rest to the families of the 96. Spurs fans narrowly avoided a similar fate in 1981:

12/09/2012 18:33:28 WIB
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