Soma-Nomaoi Flag photos in Minamisouma,Fukushima

I took photos of Nomaoi Flags aound MinamiSoma and Odaka. Several hundred samurai horsemen gather and fight, with these Nomaoi Flags on their back side. Soma-Nomaoi date: Every Last Sat., Sun and Mon. of July.

Fukushima train station

Here, you can watch the video shown at the Fukushima station.

Information of Nomaoi

URL THE SOMA NOMAOI. An English guidebook. National Designated Important Intangible Fork Culture THE SOMA NOMAOI
URL Soma-Nomaoi | Japan National Tourism Organization
URL YouTube Soma NOMAOI 2011/2012 Tracing the aftermath/相馬野馬追2011/2012 二年の軌跡 The "Nomaoi" film production was founded in July 2011. The purpose of the production is to inform (or let) people know about Soma-Nomaoi Festival which has b...

Soma-Nomaoi's main site is here: Hibari-Gaoka

Click photos. You can see 2 or 3 more photos each.

hiroki @hirokiharoki


20/07/2014 14:33:40 WIB
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Nomaoi Flags in town. (reproduction)

hiroki @hirokiharoki

商店街の旗さしもの3 種類が沢山あるなぁと思い始める

20/07/2014 14:40:06 WIB
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hiroki @hirokiharoki

商店街の旗さしもの6 ぐにょっと伸びてるのは波だろうか。

20/07/2014 14:49:09 WIB
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hiroki @hirokiharoki

商店街の旗さしもの7 ヒーローが南相馬に集結する!みたいなイメージが。

20/07/2014 14:52:05 WIB
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hiroki @hirokiharoki

商店街の旗さしもの9 似てるようで違う

20/07/2014 14:56:34 WIB
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Nomaoi Flags are also used for showing Nomaoi participants houses!

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