Prof. Keefe @ProfKeefe
gr8 job all! interesting chat & lively synchronous discussion. Nice to have live class chat & useful 4 resources 4 ur work. #esped5013
Joyce Fidler @jbfidler
guess we are signing off..will add my relfections to group two google doc thanks to kathleen #esped5013
Jeannine Valle @jeanninevalle
Tweettwo are we going to google docs or are we talking here first? #esped5013
Stacy Sweeney @StacySweeney21
Yes, interesting class discussion. Lesson learned for me tonight: make sure your tweets aren't protected or noone will see them! #esped5013
Kerry Manzolini @kmanzolini
Yes, it went by really fast! Great job! Thanks for including me in your discussion tonight. #esped5013
Kathy McDermott @KathyMcDermott1
this is my 2nd time on twitter. the collaboration is such a great resource to brainstorm and learn new ideas #Esped5013
Kelly Sharbaugh @kesharbaugh
@eodlabbe nicely put, it certainly did! felt like i was sitting in the front row :) #esped5013
Beth Labbe @eodlabbe
this resembled a class discussion...nice change within the online model #ESPED5013
Joyce Fidler @jbfidler
I think we all did a great job..kudos to all #esped5013
Chanit List @ChanitList
TG is a model&inspiration 2asd stdnts of all ages.w/proper support from parents,teachers&peers asd stdnts can meet great success #esped5013
Erin Kelly @ErinKelly10
@kmanzolini @nlaface twitter is a great connection to have and share ideas with other professionals #esped5013
Kathy McDermott @KathyMcDermott1
When I start school this year i will have more of an open mind- look for each child's interests and focus on their strengths! #Esped5013
Kerry Manzolini @kmanzolini
Twitter makes it easy to connect with others on a professional level and to keep up with current practices. #esped5013
Joyce Fidler @jbfidler
@ProfKeefe it's all about individual student, parents and best practices. teaching to strengths and indiv interests #esped5013
nicole laface @nlaface
Twitter is a great way to share not only informative resources but also their personal beliefs and experiences #esped5013
Prof. Keefe @ProfKeefe
dont forget to #chirpstory & complete survey 2. reflections due Sun @ 4 PM. what remaining thoughts/questions do u have? #esped5013
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