Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Hip-Hop Pedagogy as a tool for Developing & Measuring College & Career Readiness (pt. 2)

This Tuesday's #HipHopEd chat topic was "Hip-Hop Pedagogy as a tool for Developing & Measuring College & Career Readiness (pt. 2) This chat completed our 2 part series where #HipHopEd explored HH Pedagogy as it applies to College and Career Readiness. This was #HipHopEd's third chat in July. Read More
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Welcome 2 #HipHopEd Hip-Hop Pedagogy & College/Career Readiness Part 2: Let's Get it Started

16/07/2014 08:00:21 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Hip-Hop Pedagogy as a tool for Developing & Measuring College & Career Readiness in L.. chirpstory.com/li/218112

16/07/2014 08:01:23 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

an education rooted in Hip-Hop gives you a passport to study abroad domestically & int'l #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:01:45 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Here are the 7 habits of mind related 2 College/Career Readiness wp.me/p1WwTV-48 #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:02:19 WIB
Natalie @NatalieCrue

#HipHopEd chat has officially started! Tonights Topic: HH Pedagogy 4 College/Career Readiness. pic.twitter.com/ZlLS9NOPB4

16/07/2014 08:02:39 WIB
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Amil Cook @amilcook

K.Dot teaches abt life on da FreshCoast, YC NYC, CyHi Atl, Jasiri X USA & da World #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:03:11 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Here is tonight's 1st "habit of mind" "Students are engaged and open-minded—but discerning—readers and listeners." #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:03:19 WIB
Christopher Collins @chriscspeaks

#hiphoped when hh is used as a learning tool students are forced to understand what they hear & critique it based on its merit

16/07/2014 08:03:46 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

Lyric writing and performing is great way to cultivate public speaking skills #HipHopEd #CollegeAndCareerReadiness

16/07/2014 08:04:02 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Have students create soundtracks of the moments in their lives 2 develop the ability 2 comprehend & critique #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:04:49 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

HH is abt that NewNew so staying abreast of new developments, trends, tech & news is vital in HH & Career/College succes #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:05:25 WIB
Christopher Collins @chriscspeaks

#hiphoped it's also important that we don't pigeon hole hh to one sound or concept to keep our students open minded about other genres

16/07/2014 08:06:25 WIB
Christopher Smith @infinitewords14

One way hip-hop helps college-bound students is retention; if you can recite whole tracks, you can memorize speeches & other info #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:06:41 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

If your a HH artist in 2014 you have more media/tech/biz skills than 95% of professors; we can teach the teachers #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:06:56 WIB
Kristen @Kristen_sea

@tdj6899 Thanks! I'm so excited to level up my ELA / SS teaching with #hiphoped

16/07/2014 08:07:05 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

A measure of comprehension would be having students write rhymes that address the themes in assigned literature #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:07:36 WIB
Christopher Collins @chriscspeaks

@tdj6899 I have a program called #thesoundtrack that I present to college students across the country that does just that. #hiphoped

16/07/2014 08:07:42 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

Hip Hop has consistently expanded our ideas of what a career can look like #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:07:44 WIB
none @seandlr

I'm more concerned with how we can use Hip-Hop as a tool to avoid using Common Core rather than using it as a tool to embrace it #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:08:20 WIB
Andre E. Johnson @aejohnsonphd

I am looking forward to teaching the Rhetoric of Hip Hop again this fall. This semester's focus: religion and hip hop. #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:08:38 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

@chriscspeaks I have presented this assignment to HS students & it is powerful #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:08:46 WIB
Jovan Miles @JovanDM

Regarding #HipHop and college bound students, I believe the aspirational quality of the culture can be a huge motivator. #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:09:07 WIB
Christopher Collins @chriscspeaks

#hiphoped bc hh is about more than just music it can help prepare students to be econ majors, engineers, marketers, teachers, and designers

16/07/2014 08:09:26 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Critique is a skill set that youth use often w/o realizing it as they navigate through the choices in their lives #HipHopEd

16/07/2014 08:09:38 WIB
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