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World's Premier Conference on Computational Biology - ISMB 2014! 22nd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology July 11 - 15, 2014 Read More
Matt LaFave @mclafave

My #ISMB poster #B06 on GeIST for integration mapping is now up on @figshare:

15/07/2014 18:42:44 WIB
SeqComplete @SeqComplete

all the buzz at #bioviz about Visualization Biological Data #ismb #bioinformatics has been chirpified!

15/07/2014 18:25:31 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

Bah, not eligible for “Hong Kong : Scotland Collaborative Research Partnerships” call @SCEdmunds mentioned at #ISMB…

15/07/2014 17:48:52 WIB
Martin Breedijk @MartinBreedijk

Gisteren de BAS hoorzittingen voor #SMO afgerond. Today hearings for #ISMB and then it's holiday for the examencommissie as well.

15/07/2014 13:35:04 WIB
Sumit Middha @bioinfosm

great resource! Download clinical studies for precision medicine rsrch! @ImmPortDB #ISMB H/T @atulbutte #genomics

15/07/2014 11:33:27 WIB
Steve Lianoglou @lianos_

.@rtraborn thanks for attending the talk and the advert ;-) #ISMB

15/07/2014 09:00:27 WIB
Iddo Friedberg @iddux

At MIT museum. NP-hard problem that can't reakly be solved by heuristics. #ISMB

15/07/2014 08:44:32 WIB
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ISMB/ECCB Conference @ISMBinfo

Hello, beautiful! Kismet at MIT Museum, #ISMB 2014 reception

15/07/2014 07:32:29 WIB
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Isaac Kohane @zakkohane

Wrong url for my #ismb2014 talk. Thanks to @atulbutte and @ribozyme for heads up. This one should work:

15/07/2014 07:29:10 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

@chris_dag some of the OBF/BOSC crowd will still be there for #ISMB, but others are already (on their way) home. Like me. Another time…

15/07/2014 07:03:01 WIB
cathbrooksbank @cathbrooksbank

Three education posters at #ISMB14 are on impact of training - v. gratifying to see that we really make a difference to scientist's careers.

15/07/2014 06:10:59 WIB
Francisco De La Vega @ribozyme

Josh Stuart is offering $35 for a MIT reception ticket near poster B14. #ISMB14 #ISMB Come before 7:30!

15/07/2014 05:49:15 WIB
SeqComplete @SeqComplete

#ISMB Serious games for bioinformatics education. ISMB 2014 education work……, see more…

15/07/2014 05:28:01 WIB
Teal Guidici @tealismaking

Found someone who could explain breast cancer subtype definitions to me. Turns out there was a good reason I was confused! #ISMB

15/07/2014 05:17:33 WIB
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