#GazaUnderAttack again (8 July 2014) 今朝のガザ攻撃のライヴ・ツイートの記録

Here are some of the tweets by Gaza tweeps who live-tweet the air raid/bombing. Collected here are the ones I retweeted during the air raid in the small hours of 8 July 2014 (local time). There are much more on-the-ground tweets if you look at the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack and #Gaza.
gaza gazaunderattack warcrime Palestine israel
小菅信子『原典でよむ 20世紀の平和思想』 (岩波現代全書) @nobuko_kosuge
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Ali Abunimah @AliAbunimah
Contact in Gaza texted: loud explosions in central Gaza. Maghazi camp and Nuseirat camp. Injuries reported in Khan Younis.
nofrills/共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills
Elhassan Baker (ICFA) @BakerElhassan
An Israeli air strike now hits Saad Sayel sporting building in #Rafah #gaza #GazaUnderAttack
Palestine @OccuPalGaza
Maqousi Tower area attacked in Gaza City 2:31am (explains previous tweet about explosion)
Mahmoud Salah @villa_mahmoud
#GazaUnderAttack F16 and Helicopters carried out many airstrikes in all Gaza strip
nofrills/共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills
48Refugee @48Refugee
My nine year old cousin wakes up in a panic with each missile
Reza Aslan @rezaaslan
"Imagine if Mahmoud Abbas ordered airstrikes into Israel in order to catch the culprits behind Khdeir's death?" m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55587…
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸 @Omar_Gaza
#Israel bombing on Southern #Gaza that targeted a house in Khan Younis left many inuries inc. children! #Gazaunderattack
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸 @Omar_Gaza
#Israel targets another house in Southern #Gaza, Khan Younis, belongs to Samer Abu Dhagga! #GazaUnderAttack
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸 @Omar_Gaza
9 injured after #Israel bombing on Al Abadlah house hold Southern #Gaza in Khan Younis inc. children! #GazaUnderAttack
Zaid Benjamin @zaidbenjamin
#Israel targets the house of al-Qassam Brigades commander Samer Abu Daqah - Witnesses #Hamas #Palestine #Gaza
nofrills/共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills
Belal Aldabbour @Belalmd12
The airstrikes tonight have been too many to count, too many to be reported, and too loud to even make one care whether they stop or not!
Palestine @OccuPalGaza
Qassam giving presser: Hitting civilian houses is red line if Israel doesn't stop will open big war. 3:00am
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸 @Omar_Gaza
Western #Gaza was bombed by #Israel too but Southern parts r getting most of the heat! #GazaUnderAttack
Aly Elziba2 @elziba2
Palestine is under heavy attack while the world is sleeping! The conscience of the world, that is! #ForShame
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