North London riots: Day 2: Enfield

I never understand why there's no police to prevent the shops from being looted. This is the SECOND DAY IN A ROW.
Richard Seymour @leninology

Feel sorry for Tottenham community who will have to put with endless fake sympathy and crocodile tears from politicos and media.

07/08/2011 08:48:01 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

One police officer in hospital after Tottenham riots.

07/08/2011 09:01:53 WIB
vikram dodd @VikramDodd

#tottenham#woodgreen there'll now be added pressure on IPCC to get the ballistics report out on who fired at whom and in what order

07/08/2011 11:20:50 WIB
vikram dodd @VikramDodd

#woodgreen did no one ring their safer neighbourhood officer? wasn't there even a PCSO to send? If you rang 999 let me know what they said

07/08/2011 11:35:29 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Police confirm trouble is continuing sporadically off Tottenham High Road following overnight rioting.

07/08/2011 12:58:06 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Former Met Police Commander Roy Ramm: Last night's violence in Tottenham is an expression of pure criminality & nothing can legitimise it.

07/08/2011 14:16:58 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Police begin moving people away from Tottenham High Road and are closing off the area.

07/08/2011 14:31:51 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Downing St: The scenes from last night are utterley unacceptable.

07/08/2011 14:43:37 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Downing St: The scenes from last night are utterly unacceptable.

07/08/2011 14:51:27 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

London Ambulance Service: Paramedics treated 11 people, 10 of whom were taken to hospital.

07/08/2011 15:25:22 WIB
Guardian news @guardiannews

Tottenham riot: Sustained looting follows night of violence

07/08/2011 15:38:34 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Home Secretary: I condemn utterly the violence in Tottenham last night. Such disregard for public safety and property will not be tolerated.

07/08/2011 15:49:51 WIB
The Guardian @guardian

Tottenham riot: Sustained looting follows night of violence

07/08/2011 15:53:25 WIB
Tarah Welsh @Tarahwelsh

Wondering if those on the news saying #tottenham has improved have ever been there, let alone lived there.

07/08/2011 15:57:34 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Deputy London Mayor Kit Malthouse: There is no excuse for the violence & looting seen in Tottenham last night.

07/08/2011 16:08:11 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

Anyone seen pictures of the morning after? #tottenham #riot

07/08/2011 16:12:49 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

My Guardian report from last night: 'Sustained looting follows night of violence' #tottenham #riot #tottenhamriot

07/08/2011 16:23:22 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

Listen to my midnight BBC report (while being attacked by fireworks) here... six mins into programme #tottenhamriot

07/08/2011 16:27:22 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

Searching for *reliable* accounts of alleged police mistreatment of 16-year-old girl at protest that allegedly sparked #tottenham #riot

07/08/2011 16:29:46 WIB
Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak

Police statement on overnight riots in Tottenham - LIVE on Sky News shortly.

07/08/2011 16:30:41 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

@AmandaPoole @StephenNolan No. I think police will just ask (TV) and receive...

07/08/2011 16:32:52 WIB
Adam Gabbatt @adamgabbatt

Google map showing some of the Tottenham looting/violence. Get in touch to tell me what i've missed

07/08/2011 16:45:26 WIB
Tarah Welsh @Tarahwelsh

Ok, time to move. It's Nanny's 80th today. Was going to head to Wood Green to finish buying her pressie but that's not going to happen now!

07/08/2011 16:51:32 WIB
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