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linguistic anthropology

Ashlah wardana @ashlahdeward

@lyla_aku 1. linguistic anthropology is one of chapter from anthropology about linguistic #nusantarawisdom

25/06/2014 02:14:39 WIB
ossel bimo @osselbimoo

@lyla_aku 2. Some cases lingustic anthropology is javanese language, balinese language, sundanes language, etc. #nusantarawisdom

24/06/2014 18:41:31 WIB
Ashlah wardana @ashlahdeward

@lyla_aku 3. People have different language to show where they come from because indonesia is a plural country #nusantarawisdom

25/06/2014 02:20:46 WIB
Ashlah wardana @ashlahdeward

@lyla_aku 4.people use different language when they be in other city or capital city like surabaya and jakarta #nusantarawisdom

25/06/2014 02:24:23 WIB
Ashlah wardana @ashlahdeward

@lyla_aku 5.i think their local language can't became extint if all local people can keep their local wisdom #nusantarawisdom

25/06/2014 02:25:22 WIB
Ashlah wardana @ashlahdeward

@lyla_aku 6. They can't forgot their local language because local language can show up their local wisdom #nusantarawisdom

25/06/2014 02:28:20 WIB
Ashlah wardana @ashlahdeward

@lyla_aku 7. So i think indonesian people must have a lot of love to their local language and not shameful about it #nusantarawisdom

25/06/2014 02:31:10 WIB


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