Riot in Tottenham, London 1) How the news broke on Twitter

London is burning. This is a compilation of the first hundreds of tweets (minus retweets). Page 2: Read More
RIOT POLICE London brutality
keith flett @kmflett
Haringey TUC expresses concern over shootings at Tottenham Hale this evening. More to follow
Sean O'Neill @TimesONeill
Reports of fatal police shooting in Tottenham, N London
Sean O'Neill @TimesONeill
IPCC on Tottenham police shooting: 29yo man dead; cop narrowly escaped injury when bullet lodged in his radio
The first couple of tweets I could find:
. @FelixDeche
swear down 2 police cars have been blown up and another 1 got driven into a shop? lol tottenham is on madness
Tea Kay @teakay09
OMGGGG!!!!!! Is this what's happening in Tottenham?!
The Riot:
This is what is happening in Tottenham right now
Haringey Solidarity @__HSG__
#Riot taking place right now outside Tottenham cop shop about the guy killed by the pigs this week | 200 riot cops deployed | #UKpoliceState
Puff Paddy @Padstar_Aguero
Riots in Tottenham!! Time the police feel how outnumbered they are. North London aint a safe place right now.
Kanga @K_Messias_
Is This Really What's Happening In Tottenham Right Now?!
Richy M @RichyMjnr
Just seen police cars on fire in tottenham.
Ashley Thomas @Bashy
I heard there are Riots in Tottenham right now. The People have spoken.
Tottenham high roads going mad, I drove past when it was a small crowd holding placards, now this
Marianne Sunshine @MissMSunshine_
@KarlNova: I'm hearing there's a riot going on in tottenham because of shooting of that guy by the cops the other day
I ❤ accessible healthcare @Ramonaspierre
protest kicking off outside Tottenham police station after police killed someone this week, 200 riot cops deployed apparently?
I am the mic man! @AlizaeDPMO
So tottenham is popping of people vex about the unlawful killing of mark! And the lies police tell kmt!
The EU can not be reformed @blacbloc
Police car on fire in Tottenham, this isnt my pic got it off twitter and cant remember from whom. Sorry
Dan @Daaannnn
Word just got in: massive riots in Tottenham after gangster shoots police, and got killed by returning fire #london #Tottenham #riots
The Dragon Fairy @Puffles2010
Puffles getting tweets about stuff kicking off in Tottenham High Road
Laurie Penny @PennyRed
Police cars on fire in Tottenham! Http://
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