linguistic anthropology

explane about linguistic anthropology
arika kitaka @arika_kitaka

@lyla_aku 1. antrophology linguistic is part of the science of anthropology that studies language and the meaning #nusantarawisdom

26/06/2014 11:48:54 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 2. In Indonesia, Maduranese, their traditional languange is the part of their culture to respect each others #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 18:50:23 WIB
Yuwan @Kacangbalado

@lyla_aku people uses different kind of language in society cz they live in different areas and cultural backgrounds #nusantarawisdom

23/06/2014 21:52:54 WIB
Yuwan @Kacangbalado

@lyla_aku people use different kind of language in society when they interact with people who have same cultural background #nusantarawisdom

23/06/2014 21:55:37 WIB
Yuwan @Kacangbalado

@lyla_aku local languages in Indonesia can be extinct if no one conserve the language cz it is affected by modernization #nusantarawisdom

23/06/2014 22:02:13 WIB
Yuwan @Kacangbalado

@lyla_aku the reason is, people affected by globalization and make the younger generation forget their original culture #nusantarawisdom

23/06/2014 22:07:17 WIB
Clarissa Sylvia @ClarissaSyl

@lyla_aku my opinion we must give lesson about local language to our family with often speak local language everytime #nusantarawisdom

21/06/2014 12:03:29 WIB


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