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Tentang Lagu "Undone (The Sweater Song)"

Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Lagu "Undone – The Sweater Song" adalah single pertama yang dirilis oleh Weezer Tahun 1994 ( The Blue Album ).

17/06/2014 12:20:10 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Ini komentar Rivers Cuomo tentang lagu yang di tulisnya : "Undone" is the feeling you get when the train stops ...

17/06/2014 12:37:42 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

and the little guy comes knockin' on your door. It was supposed to be a sad song, but everyone thinks it's hilarious "

17/06/2014 12:37:52 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Pada saat menulis lagu "Undone – The Sweater Song", Cuomo mencoba menulis lagu seperti lagu2 Velvet Underground.

17/06/2014 13:00:00 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Lagu ini juga terinspirasi pada saat Rivers Cuomo berada dalam kelas Bahasa Inggrisnya di jaman kuliahnya dulu.

17/06/2014 13:22:38 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

" It was in my English class that I heard the analogy of the unraveling sweater " Kata Rivers Cuomo

17/06/2014 13:24:16 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Lagu "Undone - The Sweater Song" yang pernah di rilis di berbagai negara ...

17/06/2014 13:56:18 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

- Undone (Promo Only Radio Single) - Undone (US Retail Cassette/US Promo 7" Jukebox Single (Black Vinyl)) - Undone (Australian Retail CD)

17/06/2014 13:57:04 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

- Undone (UK Retail CD/UK Retail Cassette/UK 7" Single (Blue Vinyl)) - Undone (French Retail CD/French Promo 7" Single (Blue Vinyl))

17/06/2014 13:57:17 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Lagu "Undone – The Sweater Song" Secara tidak sengaja mengarah ke lagu Metallica yang berjudul Welcome Home ( Sanitarium ). *Weww ...

17/06/2014 15:06:22 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Coba deh dengerin lagu Metallica Welcome Home ( Sanitarium ), di awal2 Intro lagunya Tweez

17/06/2014 15:08:09 WIB
Weezerian Bandung @weezerianBDG

Tah .... Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (HD): via @YouTube Mirip gak?

17/06/2014 15:11:49 WIB
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