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all updates #BIO2014 the world #biotech all the buzzz from @BIOConvention _ part1

The BIO International Convention is more than just the world's largest biotech conference. With 15,000+ professionals and 4,000 organizations, #BIO2014 is more than just an event.
Torreya Insights @TorreyaInsights

You know you work for a start-up when...Starbucks just calls you by your company name #BIO2014 thoughtsfromthebooth

26/06/2014 01:24:47 WIB
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Don Gibson @DNAgibson

GMO-Free Cheerios switched to GMO free, decreased nutritional content (no B vitamins) and saw no change in sales #BIO2014 #BIOFoodAg

26/06/2014 01:24:39 WIB
Sofia Ernestam @SofiaErnestam

Patients trust their doctors too much, doctors say "that's rare to me" #BIO2014 #personalizedmedicine

26/06/2014 01:24:38 WIB
Nutrasource @Nutrasource_NDI

Things are hopping at the Canadian pavilion at #BIO2014!

26/06/2014 01:24:37 WIB
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Gable PR @GablePR

They have arrived! Crowd anticipating the keynote luncheon with Hillary Clinton #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:24:07 WIB
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CCRM is pleased 2 partner w/ @C_D_R_D & @BDC_News 2 launch new CDN health sciences COs #BIO2014 @NCE_RCE

26/06/2014 01:23:44 WIB
Laura Strong @scientre

Boutin: all agree on outcome (share trial summ). Stakeholders have another chance at change in upcoming PDUFA #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:23:23 WIB
Dr. Allison Stelling @DrStelling

@saragunneras Part of the Issue w this is that many definitions of "biomaker" are poor. #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:23:14 WIB
BioProcess Intl. @BioProcessIntl

Wrapping up the talk from Blood Centers of America on supply chain strategy for #CellTherapy #BIO2014 #BPITheater

26/06/2014 01:23:14 WIB
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Meghan Murphy @megmurfff

@KimTweetsDC PCORI is shifting dynamic & changing expectations patients have & outcomes they demand no matter what the FDA says #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:22:58 WIB
WirelessLifeSciences @WLSA_ORG

"It's not just the context, but how it's delivered that matters for patients." - John Mattson @KPShare #digitalhealth #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:22:36 WIB
Pūrgenix®️ @Purgenix

.georgiatech stands ready to meet you. Cool technology at 3721 #gavaluechain #bio2014 @gdecd

26/06/2014 01:22:30 WIB
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South San Francisco @CityofSSF

TODAY@ 2:30pm@ #BIO2014 BOOTH 3523, Mayor Karyl Matsumoto will speak on an exclusive panel w/ Assemblymember @kevinmullin as host. Stop by!

26/06/2014 01:22:27 WIB
Don Gibson @DNAgibson

When asked unaided the consumer only mentions biotech food labeling 1% of the time and 4% overall were interested #BIO2014 #BIOFoodAg

26/06/2014 01:22:20 WIB
Laura Strong @scientre

Panel agreeing need to find reg pathway to enable drug cos to share trial summ w pts #BIO2014 Pts will (already are) demanding

26/06/2014 01:22:04 WIB
Dr. Allison Stelling @DrStelling

@ResearchAmerica And, taxpayers. Health research is expensive, and communication w Public must be continuous. #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:22:02 WIB
Amar Bhat @AmarnathBhat

Clinical trials in #India govt needs to practice "good regulatory practice" with transparency and predictability #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:21:33 WIB
Sara Gunnerås @saragunneras

Top priorities EY panel: guidelines on clinical trials, educate investment community, understand the pathway and use biomarkers #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:21:27 WIB
MedImmune @MedImmune

Want to learn more about our Brazilian Science Without Borders Postdoc Program? #BIO2014

26/06/2014 01:21:25 WIB
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