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Linguistic Anthropology

Culture and symbol
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 1. As i know, linguistic anthropology is learn about the relation between culture and its symbols #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 18:46:25 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 2. In Indonesia, Maduranese, their traditional languange is the part of their culture to respect each others #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 18:50:23 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 3. People uses a language in society just as far as they know well about it and it depend by where they talk in #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 18:57:10 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 4. Maybe they will use the different languange when they meet a tourist which is can't speak well their language #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 19:01:41 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 5. I hope it can't, but for now i think it can be happened one time #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 19:03:54 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 6. It can extinct because many people more usual to talk in Bahasa n they don't try to use their traditional one #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 19:11:56 WIB
Claudia Anridho @audimimo

@lyla_aku 7. They can maintain their local language in this era just by use it everyday in a small conversation #nusantarawisdom

20/06/2014 19:22:25 WIB


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