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Angry Black Links - Birthday Greetings from #TFY

Calling Team #TFY! In addition to bringing you great stuff to read from the team at ABLC, we'll be including tweets of good news about the Obama administration and your messages of support. Tag your tweet with #TFY, as I'll be updating the Chirpstory throughout the day and looking for your submissions.
Marisol @ItsMeMarisol

President Obama is turning 50 today? HELL NO YOU CAN'T!! Heeheehee :) Happy Birthday! #50andfabulous! #TFY #Obama2012

05/08/2011 06:48:44 WIB
kdpca @ShadowsMomCA

#TFY Happy birthday Mr. President. I respect your efforts to benefit all of us amid the challenges you face from both parties .@barackobama

05/08/2011 04:36:27 WIB
Ragnarok Lobster @eclecticbrotha

@ThePlumLineGS FAA deal reached but Dems face major test with organized labor // make EFCA 2012 campaign issue #p2 #TFY

05/08/2011 03:28:00 WIB
Rock @Tigerfists88

RT @ObamaFoodorama: For #Obama's 50th bday party at WH, family & Chicago friends; Herbie Hancock performs #news

05/08/2011 03:22:38 WIB
🎃 Imani Gandy Corn 🎃 @AngryBlackLady

I'm on WaPo! Wheeee!! --> Debt ceiling deadpan: The slow clap for Congress - via @washingtonpost #p2 #TFY

05/08/2011 02:43:19 WIB
VP Biden (Archived) @VP44

Happy birthday Mr. President; here’s to 50 years young – VP

05/08/2011 02:28:08 WIB
Della Lee @dellalee

Happy Birthday, President Obama! I hope you have a wonderful family-centered day! #TFY

05/08/2011 02:11:24 WIB
Baracular View @GinaLavetti

Happy 50th birthday, President @BarackObama! Proud that you're my president! #TFY

05/08/2011 01:58:27 WIB
Spooky Midsomer Murder Hornet Theme Song @mpersandy

Happy Birthday, @barackobama! May this day be so #awesome that it's surpassed in greatness by subsequent ones… #p2 #tfy

05/08/2011 01:57:48 WIB
Encyclopaedia Britannica @Britannica

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President” More #photos of Obama than you can count on the 50th anniversary of his birth.

05/08/2011 01:49:02 WIB

Happy Birthday, President Obama, and welcome to the 50's club. #TFY

05/08/2011 01:09:59 WIB
Tracy🌊🌊🌊 @taiping2

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!: #BO50 #TFY #Obama2012 I really love my president: he is the American dream.

05/08/2011 00:43:26 WIB
Rebecca Z. @zeebecca

Sending my thanks & highest regards to our president @BarackObama & his beautiful family. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. #TFY #Obama2012

05/08/2011 00:33:34 WIB
Good Black News @goodblacknews

Happy 50th Birthday President Barack Obama! To learn more about the life and career of our nation's current...

05/08/2011 00:17:01 WIB

Nerdy Wonka @NerdyWonka

All wonderful and sane supporters of our MAGNIFICENT President @BarackObama can sign his bday card #bo50

04/08/2011 23:42:41 WIB
Ragnarok Lobster @eclecticbrotha

Happy 50th birthday #44 President @BarackObama We still have your back & we're watching the saboteurs that try to take you down #p2 #TFY

04/08/2011 23:40:35 WIB
Mattison @Mattison

MUST-READ: Conservative @DavidFrum on the Economy: "Can it be that our enemies [Liberals] were right?" #teaparty #sgp

04/08/2011 22:54:32 WIB
ExtremeLiberal (Jim) @ExtremeLiberal

@BarackObama Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mr. Presidentttttt, Happy Birthday to you. America supports you!

04/08/2011 22:23:05 WIB
44ever @theonlyadult

Obama: "Now that I'm 50 I'll get mails from AARP asking me to call President Obama and tell him to protect Medicare". #bo50

04/08/2011 17:46:05 WIB
MariaMeanmuthafukah @desertcronenm

My post is up Schools Must Implement Multiple Intervention Programs for the Sake of Our Children, Parents, & Society

04/08/2011 09:32:12 WIB
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