Protest against the eviction of the sit-in in #Syntagma #Greece 01/08/2011

Here's a collection of tweets about the demonstration that took place on 01 August in Athens to protest the eviction of the sit-in in Syntagma square. I just archived here my tweets and those of people I follow. Please let me know if there is more I should add.
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece Just arrived in #Syntagma. Small crowd, a few dozen. Darn Greeks, always late even for demos :)

01/08/2011 22:13:08 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma I'd like to add that the square doesn't look any cleaner than before the municipal clean-up to me. #sarcasm

01/08/2011 22:14:34 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma I'm here because the 4am eviction remains stuck in my throat. I hope there are a few more ppl who feel that way.

01/08/2011 22:18:38 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma Crowd is slowly growing. Very diverse, from trendy youth to working-class elderly to anarcho-leftists.

01/08/2011 22:27:04 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece I Xmas see the main banner: "#Syntagma is us, we're everywhere"

01/08/2011 22:32:38 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma Some ppl started chanting "bread education freedom". Failed attempt to start moving.

01/08/2011 22:34:19 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma The crowd right now. No more than 200 (and that may be optimistic)

01/08/2011 22:40:49 WIB
Tile Voas @tilevoas

#rbnews #syntagma ξεκινάει τώρα η πορεία προς την πλατεία Κοτζιά.

01/08/2011 22:41:15 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma Looks like we're moving. The guys with the drums are getting active. Or maybe not.

01/08/2011 22:53:38 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma I must say that the guy with the drums is doing a great job at gathering people.

01/08/2011 22:58:45 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma The size of the crowd is very disappointing but there's a fantastic grandma with a home-made sign.

01/08/2011 23:04:47 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma It's kinda sad that we're using a World War 2 chant in 2011

01/08/2011 23:13:08 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma Various chants against police, "cops pigs murderers"

01/08/2011 23:15:48 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma people are distributimg leaflets intended for Athens municipality employees about their role in evicting the square.

01/08/2011 23:19:00 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma Demo regrouping after Kapnikarea church before we move on to city hall.

01/08/2011 23:24:16 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #Syntagma I also saw ppl distributing leaflets to shopkeepers. Will try to get one.

01/08/2011 23:25:23 WIB
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