@arrington Offers Crisis Management Advice; @Scobleizer Responds

In the wake of Airbnb's dramatic public apology for the abuse a user suffered, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington offered up his advice for startups suffering their own crises. Then Robert Scoble got involved, and it got weird. Enjoy the merriment!
crisis management Airbnb
Michael Arrington @arrington
Airbnb Offers Unconditional Apology, And $50,000 Insurance Guarantee via @techcrunch http://t.co/csWy5TK
Michael Arrington @arrington
I think we should open a crisis management consulting business on the side.
Michael Arrington @arrington
first advice - admit everything, all of it, immediately. Even the stuff no one will ever know. Apologize unconditionally for errors.
Michael Arrington @arrington
step two - DO NOT explain to Scoble off record how it's not your fault. I love Scoble, but he can't keep a secret for longer than 10 seconds
Ethan Kaplan @ethank
@arrington you know what they say: nothing cleans up a mess like a nuclear bomb.
Michael Arrington @arrington
@ethank lol. That's like curing cancer with cigarettes
Michael Arrington @arrington
@mcannonbrookes well, however long it takes for him to hang up the phone and log into twitter. :-)
Robert Scoble @Scobleizer
@arrington I have a few secrets to tell you. Oh, wait, you have a twitter account. No, that won't work. :-)


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