Black Woman's Take on Black Patriarchy

A stream of consciousness regarding the root of Black patriarchy.
conz @radicalhearts

Most men are patriarchs, including Black men. But I rarely tweet about racialized patriarchy.

02/08/2011 08:04:02 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Why? Because I'm offering practical solutions, it's just ranting.

02/08/2011 08:04:57 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Lord knows I LOVE a good rant. Buuut, Black men take enough abuse.

02/08/2011 08:05:44 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

And harsh truth be told, most discussions about Black patriarchy don't even get close to the root of the problem.

02/08/2011 08:08:17 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Lest we forget, Black men are metaphorically castrated by society. Powerless. Always subjugated. Always a target. Always distrusted.

02/08/2011 08:10:00 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Their "saving grace" is patriarchy. It's the only system (coupled with heterosexism, when relevant) that gives them power over anything.

02/08/2011 08:10:51 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

The moral of the story: Don't hate the player, hate the game. But critically questioning a player's participation is cool, also. (:

02/08/2011 08:11:23 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Another harsh truth be told, many criticizers of Black patriarchy severely understate the condition of the Black man to make their points.

02/08/2011 08:15:05 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Does patriarchy exist? Yes. Does Black patriarchy exist? Yes. Does that mean Black men are "better off" in society than Black women? C'mon..

02/08/2011 08:16:53 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Census data shows that Black women have not only closed the wage gap, but are now earning more than Black men.

02/08/2011 08:18:21 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Black men are undereducated, over-incarcerated, and killed at rates higher than anyone, including Black women.

02/08/2011 08:22:05 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

I know some people don't believe in a hierarchy of oppressions, but I personally do. And if we had to put our oppressions in a rank...

02/08/2011 08:22:36 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Black men are more oppressed than Black women. No question about it.

02/08/2011 08:22:50 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

So of course they're patriarchs. Does that make it right? Does that make it ok? Should we just accept that? Absolutely not.

02/08/2011 08:23:42 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

But why attack leaves, when we can attack roots?

02/08/2011 08:23:56 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Another thing is Black men preferring and celebrating White women over Black women. Yes. It busts my ovaries, too.

02/08/2011 08:30:39 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

But WHERE does this come from? Was there some secret Black man conference where they all decided to just say fuck us?

02/08/2011 08:31:28 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Or is this the result of White supremacy that praises the White woman as the "ultimate" woman?

02/08/2011 08:32:32 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

Why do some Black men prefer White women and treat them better? The same reason why some Black women feel they HAVE to relax their hair.

02/08/2011 08:33:01 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

How do gender wars solve patriarchy, misogyny OR racism? I'll wait.

02/08/2011 08:36:47 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

All I'm saying is, let's be real about the situation. Black women, even without intention, emasculate Black men. Be conscious of that.

02/08/2011 08:40:01 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

@TantaLiesIDont My point is monolithic criticism of Black men lacks critical consciousness. It will result in absolutely nothing.

02/08/2011 08:42:59 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

@debzalebz Because we're more powerful. White Patriarchy says: Men-be the providers. Men-be the protectors. Men-be the head of your people.

02/08/2011 08:49:33 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

@debzalebz But in large part, Black women are matriarchs (through no "fault" of our own, we HAVE to be). We're more powerful.

02/08/2011 08:50:07 WIB
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Delancey @dullantsy 15/08/2013 10:02:02 WIB
I never thought of it this way.