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The Best of #ItsAllGood

ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

Cannot afford xmas presents this year but #itsallgood the charity shop is giving out old toys .

21/12/2010 16:59:52 WIB
jeff @funky_af

telling my little sister that #itsallgood , bambi's mom didn't die 4 real .

21/12/2010 16:59:58 WIB

#itsallgood because i know wherever i walk in this world, jesus is looking after me and would never put me in a situation i cannot handle :)

21/12/2010 17:00:33 WIB
ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

A fxcked up hairline? #itsallgood I brought you a hat any way .

21/12/2010 17:01:00 WIB

If Justin Bieber gets assassinated, #itsallgood.

21/12/2010 17:01:22 WIB
tay @babykeen_

soo effing tired.. nothing really to do at 4 am.. butt heey #itsallgood !

21/12/2010 17:04:59 WIB

its 2 am....and im not tired at all but #itsallgood im used too it

21/12/2010 17:05:29 WIB
ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

Your whole family forgot your birthday ? #itsallgood I forgot it too .

21/12/2010 17:06:49 WIB
ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

You stepped on my new shoes ? #itsallgood let me return the favour and step in a pile of mud then step on your shoes .

21/12/2010 17:07:57 WIB
ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

You come to my house expecting a Vegetarian meal, and all I do is cook meat #itsallgood you can eat the grass in my garden .

21/12/2010 17:08:49 WIB
ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

Missing your two front teeth ? #itsallgood you can replace them with tic tacs . And I'm sure they will look whiter than your original .

21/12/2010 17:11:49 WIB
𝑻𝒚𝒍𝒆𝒓 𝑪𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒂 🦋 @tchristiana_

You lied on me, talked about me, mistreated me, but #itsallgood - cause I'm on to bigger and better things.

21/12/2010 17:11:58 WIB
ᴍᴜᴠᴀ ʙ. @MUVAHOOD

There's no cheese and tomato pizza #itsallgood put some ketchup and cheese on top of bread and microwave it .

21/12/2010 17:13:36 WIB
Joss @BlkCherry5

Strugglin to succeed in this obstacle called Life, but #itsallgood, I got God on my side

21/12/2010 17:14:46 WIB
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