Jen Scheer @flyingjenny
I have a serious question. When someone asks you, "Why should we explore space?" how do you answer?
Colin Greenhalgh @OriginalColin
.@flyingjenny I always say "because we can! Human achievement at it's best."
Craig @craigtweets93
@flyingjenny There isn't a single answer you could give to that.
Adam Egypt Mortimer @adamegypt
@flyingjenny because we have to evolve beyond this one planet
Mike @atasiding
@flyingjenny for the potential to make life better on earth. Cell research, etc. That's the immediate reply.
Brains Matter @brainsmatter
@flyingjenny "Should we do medical research or anything else that would make life better?" I try to get them to understand that its all good
@flyingjenny "same reason we left swinging through the trees to our stupider cousins"
Nick Evetts @2E0LUN
@flyingjenny its where the things we need for life on Earth will come from
Pamela Marshall @pmarshallphotos
@flyingjenny Because It's as instinctive as our desire to survive in this world and to explore other possibilities to survive off world too.
Chris Long @thebiglongy
@flyingjenny More has been gained from space exploration & space related sciences than most believe with few lives lost...the war however..
Jen Scheer @flyingjenny
@OriginalColin Agreed. But how do we convince non-believers that it is worth the expense to go to- say Jupiter, for example?
@flyingjenny or have them listen to that Rush 2112 song #wehaveassumedcontrol that one always makes me smile
Jen Scheer @flyingjenny
@CraiggJ I know- that's why I'm asking lots of people. I want to see the thoughts of many.
Chris Long @thebiglongy
@flyingjenny has cost billions & killed millions, with no advancement & a greater divide between nations. We are explorers not mercenaries.
@flyingjenny there is a list of products we get from going to space I'll see if I can find it.
poppycede @poppycede
@flyingjenny I wish I had a succinct answer. It evokes more emotion than words when I see that question.
Jen Scheer @flyingjenny
@EEEO Okay, so for the resources we will need in the future.
Lori @SciTeach81
@flyingjenny I ask them why not? Just think of everything we have learned so far, can you just imagine what we could still learn?!
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