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#OpPayPal: Anonymous Launches Boycott Against PayPal

Birgitta @birgittaj

i closed down my #paypal account today. WHY: they chose to close down services to "WikiLeaks but service KKK. #oppaypal

27/07/2011 22:30:01 WIB
Birgitta @birgittaj

Thousands cancel their #PayPal accounts in protest over treatment of #WikiLeaks & its defenders. Join #OpPaypal close down your account.

27/07/2011 22:40:43 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@jamesrbuk if you choose not to care, that's your business. But fuck telling people to #calmdown - they have a right to be angry. #OpPayPal

27/07/2011 23:07:33 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@jamesrbuk no it's not misrepresentation, you told ppl to calm down, minimized the success.

27/07/2011 23:11:17 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@jamesrbuk want to talk misrepresentation? talk 'bout the CRAP article you wrote falsely linking Anonymous' action & Assange's court case.

27/07/2011 23:12:57 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@jamesrbuk change starts small, grows. Are you saying millions and millions of dollars lost in hours is small?

27/07/2011 23:18:09 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@jamesrbuk not small to us. Every person who stands up and says; "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" is a revolution.

27/07/2011 23:24:31 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@abditum @jamesrbuk if it's all about the $$$ to you, then that is all it is.

27/07/2011 23:35:55 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@jamesrbuk @abditum and as I said originally, the part I found astounding was your hashtag "#calmdown"

27/07/2011 23:39:21 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

@abditum @jamesrbuk important to remember: you can be poor, but not broke(n).

27/07/2011 23:43:30 WIB
Anonymous @CanadiAnon

If you haven't already, close your PayPal account today and resort to other methods of online currency! Stop corruption. #OpPayPal #Anon

28/07/2011 05:45:57 WIB
flying shiny toaster ☘️🎗 @deanprocter

If you use #paypal you are supporting war crimes & torture. Think about it. They tried to hide #wikileaks #OpPaypal

28/07/2011 05:50:05 WIB
Brandon C. Butler @Schmooie

#OpPayPal is working... Mass boycotts are both legal and peaceful forms of protest, not to mention one of the most affective. #Anonymous :@)

28/07/2011 05:53:34 WIB
Seabass II @spisderike

@YourAnonNews just closed my paypal account as well. Lawful resistance is thrilling! #Oppaypal #antisec #anonymous

28/07/2011 05:56:30 WIB
christiane thie @cthie

Just cancelled my paypal. You should too. GIVE THEM A CALL 1-888-221-1161 or go here: Tell them #OpPayPal

28/07/2011 06:01:57 WIB
GK13 @Boston13GR

#PayPal allows donations to white extremist & anti-Muslim organisations but not #WikiLeaks | Washington Post: #OpPayPal

28/07/2011 06:11:48 WIB
Michael Solovyov @kichael

Point of #OpPayPal is to send a message that there are people who won't tolerate corporations aiding the trampling of civil liberties.

28/07/2011 06:17:34 WIB
Cobra Matata @DMT187

Its funny how the media is trying to down play #OpPayPal. They lose a billion, business as usual.

28/07/2011 06:19:15 WIB
Anonymous @CanadiAnon

I've closed my PayPal account along with over 35,000 others. Have you? #OpPayPal #Anonymous #FuckCorruption #WikiLeaks

28/07/2011 06:20:48 WIB
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