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Gene Simmons Family Jewels 7/19: East Coast

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed livetweeting during East Coast broadcast of Gene Simmons Family Jewels on July 19. Much family drama...
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

Will try to live tweet during #GSFamilyJewels. Traveling today.

20/07/2011 08:47:51 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

Very difficult episode to relive tonight.

20/07/2011 08:51:23 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

She need her space I guess. I didn't really understand, but I respect it.

20/07/2011 09:03:21 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

Can't just snap your fingers and make it all better. Its a work in progress.

20/07/2011 09:04:49 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

Shannon always visits on tour at least for a few shows. Every single tour.

20/07/2011 09:05:27 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

Nick is right. On tour, caught up in the madness, I am a different person. A lot of responsibility and people's money on the line.

20/07/2011 09:07:03 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

I like going on tour to spend time with Gene. Not a fan of the whole rock band experience.

20/07/2011 09:07:31 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

Who is going to win the reward? I am putting a Gene bounty out there my little spies...

20/07/2011 09:09:12 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

NEVER thought I would see a therapist, let alone take them seriously.

20/07/2011 09:09:47 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

Doing everything I can to be a good boy. It is not in our DNA.

20/07/2011 09:12:26 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

Actually enjoyed time in the snow by myself. Good "me" time.

20/07/2011 09:13:21 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

The kids loved seeing dad on tour. Another world.

20/07/2011 09:14:52 WIB
Gene Simmons @genesimmons

There is no feeling in the known universe like being in character on stage in front of thousands. Nothing.

20/07/2011 09:16:25 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

You have not seen a hurricane yet. Stop making excuses. There's no addiction!! BS

20/07/2011 09:17:23 WIB
Mrs ShannonTSimmons @shannonleetweed

Ummmm it's not like 'I' never got any offers!! I just said NO! It's easy!

20/07/2011 09:18:54 WIB
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