Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Hip-Hop's impact on identities & expectations of Boys & Men of color

This Tuesday's (5.20.14) #HipHopEd topic was The topic was "Hip-Hop's impact on identities & expectations of Boys & Men of color". It was also a chance to celebrate the life of Malcolm X who's birthday is May 19th. The chat topic was suggested and guest moderated by William Jackson @PPeriod. This was #HipHopEd's second chat in May. Read More
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Welcome 2 #HipHopEd Hip-Hop's impact on identities & expectations of Boys & Men of color

21/05/2014 08:00:08 WIB
New Book: The Absence of Excess @NatashaTBrown

"@tdj6899: @OWise Tonight 9pm EST #HipHopEd Hip-Hop's impact on identities & expectations of Boys & Men of color http://t.co/JVWkkT415x"

21/05/2014 08:00:25 WIB
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Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Tonight we will be joined by @PPeriod who helped shaped this chat topic as part of his work #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:01:03 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

There are various initiatives that are seeking 2 address Boys & Men of Color but many are leaving out "culture" #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:02:07 WIB
Damien Jack @IceColdNoble

Time for #HipHopEd! Tonight's topic is going to be great!

21/05/2014 08:02:16 WIB
William P. Jackson, PhD @PPeriod

.@tdj6899 so happy to join the #HipHopEd family to talk about Boys and Men of Color (BMOC) and their identities, Let’s get it!

21/05/2014 08:02:20 WIB

On and ready for a lively discussion. Checking in #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:03:15 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

@PPeriod @tdj6899 Thanks for paving the way fam!!! Let's get this thang goin :) #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:03:36 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

We also wanted to take a moment and honor brother Malcolm X whose born day was 5/19. A great example of manhood #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:04:00 WIB
DeAnna Monique @DeAnnaMonique

Stopping Thru #HipHopEd tonight!!! Excited for the conversation!!!

21/05/2014 08:04:16 WIB
One Bad Brilliance @2kind_by_Design

@tdj6899 I would argue folks of color are still carving out the culture #hiphoped

21/05/2014 08:04:42 WIB
Andre E. Johnson @aejohnsonphd

We are burying a young and troubled black man this Saturday. He was only 20 years old. #hiphoped

21/05/2014 08:05:12 WIB
William P. Jackson, PhD @PPeriod

I think its important that we recognize the role of race & masculinity in the identity of #BMOC #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:05:14 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

Even when the condition is critical and living is miserable your position is pivotal, I ain’t bullshittin’ you. - Kweli #hiphoped

21/05/2014 08:05:22 WIB
kalonji @Arckitech

Hyper-masculinity is an epidemic in our community. #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:05:34 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

So what roles do and can Hip-Hop culture play in addressing the identity & expectations placed upon BMOC? #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:05:36 WIB
Damien Jack @IceColdNoble

So the topic is how Hip-Hop shapes the identities & expectations of Boys & Men of Color! #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:05:58 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

Malcolm X eulogy by Ossie Davis http://t.co/iMYsQhhCzQ "Malcolm was our manhood, our living, black manhood!" #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:05:59 WIB
B. ™️ @bmedia__

All of my conscious music followers should tune in to tonights #HipHopEd talk tonight starting now. its the best hour of your Tuesday night

21/05/2014 08:06:14 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

@2kind_by_Design I'm talking about not have a component of their action plans actually focusing on culture & its impact #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:06:42 WIB
NG @thatstheway77

@tdj6899 Malcolm X is a great example for doing what's right even if it isn't what's popular. #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:06:48 WIB

.@PPeriod @tdj6899 Important topic on male identity. The topic has impact on girls and women of color (WOC). #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:06:53 WIB
William P. Jackson, PhD @PPeriod

Of course there are a # of neg. images that Hiphop contributesto the identity of BMOC, but I’d like to focus on this + images #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:07:05 WIB
Damien Jack @IceColdNoble

@tdj6899 Hip-Hop culture can play a major role because it has such a major influence on our society! #HipHopEd

21/05/2014 08:07:20 WIB
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