Vacation Time in Elementary School (S-01)

Achmad Syamsul Anam (01) Middle Test
Achmad syamsul anam @_ASAnam

Vacation time elementary school Holiday time in elementary school, I went to widuri with my friends.

20/05/2014 21:04:02 WIB
Achmad syamsul anam @_ASAnam

I left at 07.00 from the home, at school until 07.30. Turns already many friend who came.

20/05/2014 21:04:57 WIB
Achmad syamsul anam @_ASAnam

Our school departed from 08.00 until 10:30 in pemalang.I fell asleep on the bus. There we immediately get dressed and direct water main.

20/05/2014 21:05:29 WIB
Achmad syamsul anam @_ASAnam

We rented for 20,000 tires. There was only water play. We played slide until 02.00. And we went home At 2:30 school house until 04.00.

20/05/2014 21:06:20 WIB
Achmad syamsul anam @_ASAnam

We felt very happy because we could vacation with elementary school teacher and friends.

20/05/2014 21:06:45 WIB


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