#Libya: Former Gaddafi spy chief #Senussi extradited from Mauritania

BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Mauritania has extradited #Gaddafi's spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi to #Libya, state media say. Details soon http://t.co/4nCK1rJy
Breaking News @BreakingNews
Mauritania extradites Gadhafi's spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi to Libya, state media reports - @BBCNews
Danya Bashir @ceoDanya
BREAKING ....... One of #Libya 's most wanted men Abudllah Sennusi is officially in #Libya Senussi is responsible for many deaths & crimes.
Tim Marshall @Itwitius
Mauritania State News Agency confirms extradition of former Gaddafi spy chief Senussi to Libya. Left on flight today.
Tim Marshall @Itwitius
Confirmation of extradition of Senussi is official. Flight to Libya today is from Reuters sources.
Mary Fitzgerald @MaryFitzger
Mauritania extradites former Gaddafi spy chief Abdullah Senussi to #Libya. One of post-Gaddafi Libya's most wanted.
Mary Fitzgerald @MaryFitzger
@malachybrowne Libya PM's office to release statement shortly
Tim Marshall @Itwitius
Former Gaddafi spy chief Senussi is back in Libya. Extradited from Mauritania.1st photo is in daylight,he's in handcuffs, with a heavy beard
Tim Marshall @Itwitius
Senussi in Tripoli, being held with other former regime prisoners, inc a former Prime Minister.
Mary Fitzgerald @MaryFitzger
Pic of Gaddafi's ex spy chief Abdullah Senussi escorted off plane after his extradition to #Libya http://t.co/v41jXzZo (via @libyanproud)
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Mark Kersten @MarkKersten
Huge news: Mauritania reportedly extradites Abdullah al-Senussi, Gaddafi's "black box" to Libya http://t.co/f4Mh1G1b via @kevinjonheller
Mark Kersten @MarkKersten
Given previously false reports and rampant rumours, important not to believe Senussi is in Libya until there's evidence of it. Like a photo!
Per Firdous al-Buyun @lissnup
Smiling Senussi arrives in #Libya رئيس المخابرات الليبية السابق عبدالله السنوسي للسلطات #الليبية http://t.co/j3voj7WN
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Ftooma @Fadoomy
Why do the all decide to go sunnah on us and grow beards, first saif, now senussi. #libya
Mark Kersten @MarkKersten
Here is a photo of a bearded Abdullah al-Senussi, who Geoffrey Robertson called "the crown jewel" of justice in Libya http://t.co/gt1E77Sc
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StoryfulPro @storyfulpro
LIBYA: Follow @syflnaf/libya List for more on former intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi being returned to Libya. Videos soon
Huda @hudduh
Feeling emotional at finally seeing Abdullah #Senussi finally brought back to face justice. So much pain caused by him & Koussa. #Libya
Mark Kersten @MarkKersten
According to @kevinjonheller, Senussi's extradition to Libya makes Libyan admissibility challenge at the ICC more likely to be successful
Assia @Libyan4life
Senussi knows he's going to die either by execution or in a cell. They need something to hold over him to get talking. #CatchHisKids
Benghazi Youth @LibyaSteadfast
Yea yea OK. Senussi is in our custody now. Meanwhile MoI & MoD & PM still need to be replaced & buildings need to NOT be destroyed. #Libya
Reuters @Reuters
Evan Hill @evanchill
So Senussi has arrived in Libya. Does he still have all his fingers?
alakbar alim @akbarkan
We hope no harm will come to Abdullah al Senussi in transit. Noakchot is aware that Tripoli is run by murderer's, yet it sold him to them.
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