8th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Minamisoma, Fukushima (Day2) May. 11th, 2014

8th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Minamisoma, Fukushima Day2 May. 11th, 2014 Day1 here:http://chirpstory.com/li/206030 Japanese version (by @takurou_f) here: http://togetter.com/li/665976 Japanese version (by @birdtaka) here: http://togetter.com/li/666015
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Mr.Lochard:Yesterday. Challenges of Minamisouma. Norway communities. what is at stake. ...also human demension. Looking at the future.

11/05/2014 07:32:37 WIB
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Introduction of newly arrived perticipants.

11/05/2014 07:36:05 WIB

Session 4: Moving forward in Minamisoma

Situations of evacuation and staying

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mr.Lochard:Ms.Ando and Fukushima no ETHOS. situations of evacuation and staying.

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Ms.Ando,Ms.Tanaka,Mr.Suzuki, and Mr.Monma.

11/05/2014 07:40:47 WIB

(Each time, Ms.Ando asked questions. Then, Ms.Tanaka, Mr.Suzuki, and Mr.Monma answered.)

URL YouTube 20140511DialogueSession4a 第8回福島原発事故による長期影響地域の生活回復のためのダイアログセミナー 「南相馬の現状と挑戦―被災地でともに歩む」 2014/05/11(2日目) セッション4:南相馬のこれから 「避難者と準避難者」 安東量子氏(司会役、福島のエートス) 田中睦美氏(話役、仙台、仙台避難母さん代表) 鈴木健一氏(話役、南相馬、...
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A:Mr.Monma,you get back to Minamisouma. Mr.M:..elderlys. I brought my child to Niigata. I work in Minamisouma....I had difficult time.wife

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and child only went Niigata. I decided it's better to come back all family to here. Mr.Suzuki:I also came back from Hokkaido. when I back,

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When Mr.Suzuki came back to Minamisoma, he was very worried about radiation. But 6 months later, ...

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I decided not to buy local food. I wore masks. walk around. 6months have passed. I don't worry much about radiation now. why? don't know.

11/05/2014 07:45:51 WIB
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looking at local ppl. I gradually became like that. ...local places. I found I don't find much kids play aroud. surprised. ...2years I was

11/05/2014 07:47:21 WIB
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out to Hokkaido. newspapers. I read Minpo and Minyu Fukushima newspapers. helpful. but that was all. no info at Hokkaido... I could feel

11/05/2014 07:49:13 WIB
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Ms.Tanaka:evacuated to Sendai. NPO. fund us activity. Picture books. kids. on screen. visurized. moms. moms' smile is needed for kids smile.

11/05/2014 07:51:38 WIB
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evacuated. "you must have hard times!" negative feed back. many evacuated ppl feel this way. they cannot reveal I'm evacuee gradually. point

11/05/2014 07:53:15 WIB

It's better to think 'It's my choice' to do this. Than, 'They forced me to'stay here or 'They forced me to'return.

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stay here or return. 1 another option. 3different chices. 'Your choice' is better. Mr.Suzuki:current life in Minamisouma. my son said he

11/05/2014 07:55:22 WIB
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he cannot goback to Minamisouma with his new child. and He opened an office in Tokyo. ...I play sports,and dance. Tai-chi,too. I try as much

11/05/2014 07:57:21 WIB
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keep health. My son visited us. childrens park.new. took my ground children. 30,40small kids were playing. relieved to see. nice.kids still

11/05/2014 07:59:09 WIB
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Minamisouma. Mr.Monma:Minamisouma didn't have indoor playground. it's good, beside radiation related problems. gim classes. used to walk.

11/05/2014 08:01:03 WIB

Minamisoma built indoor playground for children after the nuclear accident.

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now kids use cars to go to school. need to play. Ms.Tanaka:my child have severe allegy. need high medical support. I donot worry radiation

11/05/2014 08:02:45 WIB
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anymore. but Minamisouma has less hospitals. In sendai, allegy doctors near by. Mr.Suzuki:reason.biggest. we are aging. "I don't want to die

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