Fra sidelinjen @FraSidelinjen
NU har jeg lovet min mand ikke at kaste mig ud i flere nye projekter (lige nu og her) ;-) #foredrag #forlag #bøger #BOG14
Yaniv (((Erlich))) @erlichya
Coming to CSHL's #BoG14 but hate the Blackford food? Here are 5 good alternatives in the area: http://t.co/w0BGm8Ejd5. Enjoy!
Isaac Meek @MeekIsaac
Looking forward to seeing colleagues and friends at Biology of Genomes this week #BOG14
Nicolas Robine @notSoJunkDNA
#BOG14, final preparation (I am tweeting because it takes forever to print) http://t.co/eGI5zucc8z
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CSHL Meetings @cshlmeetings
And so it begins...Follow #bog14 for live tweets and updates from this week's meeting on the Biology of Genomes. http://t.co/pT3L0p4DpH
CSHL Meetings @cshlmeetings
Talks kick off tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7:30 Eastern with a session on Functional Genomics. #bog14 http://t.co/xf3YImAjqp
CSHL Meetings @cshlmeetings
Last call! MT @nygenome #BoG14 attendees have you registered for our facility tour? It's Tuesday 12-3 pm. RSVP here: https://t.co/b60s08eLbY
Yarden Katz @yardenkatz
Heading to CSHL this week for Biology of Genomes meeting: https://t.co/qdB9L9lYF5 #cshl #BoG14
Sumit Middha @bioinfosm
@erlichya @dgmacarthur Not at the #bog14 meeting but this foodie list near cshl is to be saved :p http://t.co/lkfnTh27ma
AllSeq @AllSeq
MT @cshlmeetings: Follow #bog14 for live tweets and updates from Biology of Genomes meeting. http://t.co/U5ztSAn9fi
Michael Schatz @mike_schatz
Enjoying one last quiet moment on campus this week. Welcome friends! #bog14 http://t.co/u9ewlcujtq
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Daniel Gerlach @gerlach_d
Hitting the hay and looking forward to #bog14 starting tomorrow at 7:30 pm
aeonsim @eonsim
#BoG14 On the way to Cold Spring Harbour for Biology of the Genomes looking forward to it all.
BF Francis Ouellette @bffo
On my way to @cshlmeetings for #bog14 "Biology of Genomes” … should be a great week! http://t.co/JrCaX4QMPD
.@bffo Thanks for the follow and for your great tweetstream on #bioinformatics and #cancergenomics! Enjoy #bog14 :-)
Orli Bahcall @obahcall
In NYC today before the start of #BoG14? Take a tour of the rapidly growing NY Genome Center @nygenome http://t.co/o8EPDKqk2u
brett johnson @granitehead
a good week MT “@cshlmeetings: And so it begins...Follow #bog14 this week's meeting on the Biology of Genomes. http://t.co/5Yu4rS3fFR
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon
@zevkronenberg $4 for draft beer. $4.50 for a Guinness, and customary $1 tip per beer. See you soon. #BOG14
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