Touré @Toure
More storytime: the most humiliating moment of my life. Someone told me to my face "You ain't Black!" http://youtu.be/qCUsTl3MR98
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Juan S. Robles 🇩🇴 @J_S_Robles
@Toure I've been called a "fake dominican" trust me, I know what you mean
Touré @Toure
If you've been told "You're not Black" tell me the reasons why people said that. The way you talk? Skin color? Not hood enough? Or...?
Touré @Toure
I did read it. Recording's done. RT @litufreak: @Toure will you be the one reading in the audio book? I like the tone variation.
@Toure I've been called "white girl" my whole life even by my own mother. It used to annoy/hurt me, now I just shrug it off.
Crystal Lynn @Lynn_CrysH
@Toure "you have really really nice hair." but of course, only frm white people.
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
RT @Toure: More storytime: the most humiliating moment of my life. Someone told me to my face "You ain't Black!" http://youtu.be/qCUsTl3MR98
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Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
@Toure. That's interesting, Toure, especially since I was standing right there when it happened... I'd love to talk to you about that...
MJ Harris/Mike King @DreamChaserMJ
@Toure typically its a combo of all three. Its been said, I don't look like I have any hood mannerisms. Because I need those to survive...
Mark Sundstrom @106th
@Toure I loooooooove how you're giving a voice (even if just on Twitter for a small time) to all these people who often go voiceless... =)
#BobbysDaughter @Mama4Obama1
@Toure The way I talk and the fact that I did very well in school got me the label "acting white".
Adrienne @OK_Adrienne
@Toure I got it a lot because I liked horses, computers, and knew was manchego cheese was. By the time I was 8, I stopped caring.
WFD @WadeFultonDean
@Toure the question of "What is black" is beyond annoying! I wasn't aware that a "BET-membership card" is required of all brown skinned folk
Cassanova Brown @MrRePHIned
@Toure haven't eaten certain foods or seen certain movies, or know anyone that has been incarcerated firsthand
nikole spann @nmspann79
@Toure People would call me white girl when I would visit my father in DC w I was a teenager b of the way I spoke and b of being light
Milaxx @MilaXX
@Toure you forgot we don't ski either.
Maura Sheridan @maurieb82
RT @106th: @Toure reading all these in a row is really powerful... i'm imagining a video cut together of all these people just reading these things off
Yadin ידין @yadin2177
@Toure not hood enough here. Talking to proper or nice at times doesn't make me black enough wow.
A.L. Jones @laidybug45
@laidybug45 @Toure @vivaciousvirgo Why do people think white people speak perfect English because if you really listen-most don't!!
Tara J. @taraiztenacious
@Toure I'm constantly told racist jokes by clients over the phone because apparently I do not sound like a blk person.
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Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess 22/07/2011 23:11:35 WIB
Updated the story to include some of the more relevant & poignant tweets, with a ton of commentary in between.
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess 22/07/2011 23:46:35 WIB
Now updated with "decorated tweets". Everyone's tweets are equal in my book; but for those who want to see the main thrust of the discussion/debate, the colored tweets will be helpful (no pun intended. LOL).
Living on the edge of thrilling and heartbreaking @CNRush 01/09/2011 12:03:29 WIB
RT @imaniperry: @Toure It's a myth that thorough research on Blk youth attitudes points out is false.
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