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The Best of #DearEx

A compilation of the funniest, most bitter, and tenderest #dearex Tweets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I-AB7l7Rk0

#DearEx I don't refer to you as my ex to be honest. I feel that you never deserved the title. I never really commit to you. I'm sorry

21/12/2010 14:14:32 WIB
Trigg Low Raleighs Own @CallMeTrigg

#DearEx it used to be us against the world... Now your across enemy lines -_-

21/12/2010 14:14:33 WIB
Sirobe @_Sirobe_

#DearEx, I still owe you that one good kick in the jimmies. #ethertweet

21/12/2010 14:14:42 WIB


21/12/2010 14:14:43 WIB

#dearex Why did I waste my time on you

21/12/2010 14:14:48 WIB
A.Gobstoppers @ayyGEE_smylz

#dearex fuck you...oh wait we did that. That's why you're my ex right :)

21/12/2010 14:15:08 WIB
She's Erica @ericalenae_

#dearex , tattoos on your face with no college education wont get you far my dear. "/

21/12/2010 14:15:13 WIB

#DearEx I have nothing bad to say about you cuz u treated me right and I was the one who let it go cuz I was being an asshole

21/12/2010 14:15:17 WIB

#dearex what the hell was I thinking when I agreed to be in a relationship with you.

21/12/2010 14:15:21 WIB

#DearEx You're still so naive. But it's fun watching you grow.

21/12/2010 14:15:29 WIB
Queen Kee 👑✨💋 @Miss_Keeta11

#DearEx i realized im just better off without you....period.

21/12/2010 14:15:40 WIB

#dearex u broke my heart so bad. I let u keep it cus I don't want it back. It reminds me of u

21/12/2010 14:15:43 WIB

#dearex remember that lil gift u gave me for Valentines Day? i threw the rose away, put the card in the shredder, && gave the choc to a dog!

21/12/2010 14:15:47 WIB

#DearEx would I be totally wrong for admitting I still kinda sort of have feeling for you?? PS: Pls write back.

21/12/2010 14:16:01 WIB
Cassy Beck @cassy56

#dearex i hear you knocked her up. hahaha good going sucker.

21/12/2010 14:16:03 WIB
Chels @Chelsssseeeeeaa

#dearex I hope you know I was faking every little thing hahaha!

21/12/2010 14:16:21 WIB

finds it funny that you always on the internet throwin slurs, but dont talk that shit in person! #DEAREX

21/12/2010 14:16:33 WIB
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