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James Ball's Article reactions

WikiLeaksLover @NOH8ER

Look at this pathetic piece of toxic fantasy by @jamesrbuk < fledgeling vulture, trained by @davidleigh3

16/07/2011 23:46:17 WIB

Information on the cables could have been leaked to Lamo from inside WL and still had nothing to do with Bradley Manning. Still no proof.

17/07/2011 00:12:34 WIB

It was James Ball who leaked the cables & I can make up the chat logs to prove it! XD @jamesrbuk

16/07/2011 23:34:50 WIB
M @m_cetera

Oh, James Ball, did you really use the cliché "and the rest is history" in your article today? For shame.

16/07/2011 23:26:22 WIB

I am outraged by James ball's article, but it reveals his reason for leaving Wikileaks was for gain. I wonder how much they paid him.

16/07/2011 23:51:10 WIB
flying shiny toaster ☘️🎗 @deanprocter

.@jamesbruk is suggesting the Guardian open a social support network to cater to whisleblowers emotional needs, Murdoch keen too #yungfunpun

16/07/2011 22:43:16 WIB
WikiLeaksLover @NOH8ER

"WIKILEAKS CAN"T PROTECT YOU!" says @jamesbruk. Despite the fact that neither can he. & no WL source has been found in 4 years of major shit

16/07/2011 22:56:27 WIB
flying shiny toaster ☘️🎗 @deanprocter

. @jamesrbuk Would you have written such a comment-is-free (of insight) if you had been the one on donor list chosen? Get a grip girlie.

16/07/2011 22:36:28 WIB
flying shiny toaster ☘️🎗 @deanprocter

#anonymous Hint: CIA computer system is NOT the place to find intel... or anything particularly intelligent. Seems most stuff by students.

16/07/2011 22:25:57 WIB

RT “@x7o: @jamesrbuk Your article casts the whole thing as an inherent flaw in WL's project. It's typical David Leigh FUD. Sick.”

16/07/2011 22:48:06 WIB
WikiLeaksLover @NOH8ER

This article by @jamesbruk is as clear a case of Wiki-envy as we've come to expect from the Groan of all Groaniadistas.

16/07/2011 22:52:53 WIB
WikiLeaksLover @NOH8ER

He's got the whole crew dancing to his twisted, jealous little tune.

16/07/2011 23:16:40 WIB

RT “@x7o: @jamesrbuk Advice: Stop listening to David Leigh.”

16/07/2011 22:56:54 WIB
flying shiny toaster ☘️🎗 @deanprocter

FBI snitch Lamo Promised Alleged WikiLeaks Whistle Blower Bradley Manning Legal Protection for His "Confession"

16/07/2011 23:14:26 WIB
WikiLeaksLover @NOH8ER

So we see, people, the Guardian is a lost cause, particularly after David Leigh's tantrum in rushing the Afghan diaries to publication.

16/07/2011 23:16:07 WIB
WikiLeaksLover @NOH8ER

And being undisposed towards Julian's cause serves the interests of powerful and corrupt powers that WikiLeaks threatens, so they help.

16/07/2011 23:23:02 WIB


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