Discussion on WikiLeaks' categorization as an "extremist website."
Corn syrup fiend @Asher_Wolf
@nyxpersephone @issylvia @casspf @jaraparilla can we get a hashtag for this convo? #wlcat (Wikileaks catalogue classification)
Corn syrup fiend @Asher_Wolf
@nyxpersephone @issylvia @casspf @jaraparilla problem originates w. US Library of Congress classification/ carries over to @nlagovau #wlcat
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
@Asher_Wolf @CassPF Seems like it. Problem is, many smaller libraries around the world also follow LOC's classification scheme. #wlcat
Corn syrup fiend @Asher_Wolf
@nyxpersephone @casspf ridiculous! We are NOT America! Need our @nlagovau CiP to be independent from that of US process! #WLcat #Wikileaks
Cassie Findlay @CassPF
Lib of Congress subject heading entry for 'extremist web sites' - used by @nlagovau to classify #Wikileaks book: goo.gl/0xSzx #wlcat
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
@nlagovau It seems that your CiP unit uses US Library of Congress' Subject Headings when classifying books. Can u confirm? #WikiLeaks #wlcat
M @m_cetera
Follow hashtag #wlcat for discussion of #WikiLeaks being classified as an 'extremist website' in Australia.
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
@Asher_Wolf @casspf Just send @nlagovau a tweet, demanding clarification on whether they always use LOC's subject headings #wlcat #wikileaks
Corn syrup fiend @Asher_Wolf
@piecritic crap on a stick, you did not just compare Wikileaks to Nazi Germany! #Wlcat cc. @casspf @nyxpersephone
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
Libraries & other information/ knowledge outlets and archives should be politically neutral&focus on providing information 2 the ppl. #wlcat
Corn syrup fiend @Asher_Wolf
@piecritic cataloguing is necessary - but it should be in line with classification guidelines. cc. @casspf @nyxpersephone #wlcat #Wikileaks
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
As a Knowledge/ Information Management professional I feel ashamed that @librarycongress catalogued #WikiLeaks as "extremist website" #wlcat
๐ฃ๐š๐ซ๐š๐ฉ๐š๐ซ๐ข๐ฅ๐ฅ๐š @jaraparilla
@Asher_Wolf But are they actually censored in any way? Kids seem to have access to EVERYTHING these days! Not being argumentative! #wlcat
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
@jaraparilla @CassPF @Asher_Wolf Don't think the books are censored and such (or put away into a special section). I'm just #
Cassie Findlay @CassPF
@Asher_Wolf @jaraparilla And this is a permanent record all over the web that this book by Fowler on #Assange is assoc w extremism #wlcat
Library of Congress Blocks Wikileaks Access (from Dec 2010) http://is.gd/AQsyK9 #wlcat
Corn syrup fiend @Asher_Wolf
@jaraparilla creep factor is important when it comes to censorship. Why must we be forced to go underground for info? #wlcat #Wikileaks
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone
@jaraparilla @CassPF @Asher_Wolf ...about the wider implications in the future. Archives&libraries must be politically neutral, imho. #wlcat
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#WLCat has been updated! (19Jul11 7:51PM GMT) Keep up the hard work, everyone!! #WikiLeaks
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