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Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Lessons from the 20th Anniversary of @Nas' Illmatic

This Tuesday's #HipHopEd topic was Lessons from the 20th Anniversary of @Nas' Illmatic. This was #HipHopEd's third chat in April. Join us every Tuesday 9-10 PM EST (-5:00 GMT) on Twitter as we cover the intersections of everything Hip-Hop and Education.
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Welcome 2 Lyrics, Lessons & Life as we celebrate 20yrs since the release of "illmatic" #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:00:47 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

What are some of the memorable lyrics & subsequent lessons U took from illmatic that impacted your life? #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:01:58 WIB
Zora Neale Thirston @redclayscholar

Good evenin' folks! Looking forward to sitting in and listening to this convo #IllmaticXX #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:03:13 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

@tdj6899 I was only 11 when illmatic dropped & I really didn't get hip to Nas until "Imagine" but ol' heads said get illmatic #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:03:57 WIB
Brandon Zoras @brandonzoras

love the evolution through his lyrics. Social commentary on his life from "got yourself a gun" to "I can" to "Daughters" #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:04:15 WIB
Napoleon Wells @NapoleonBXSith

I never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:04:29 WIB
mark @plainblackboy

Nas reminded us there are no qualifications needed...The World Is Yours. #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:04:52 WIB
Joycelyn Wilson, PhD @iamdrjoycelyn

#HipHopEd #IllmaticXX is one of those albums on the list for new students of the culture

16/04/2014 08:05:13 WIB
Brandon Zoras @brandonzoras

Motivational song that is good for all ages to play in school "I can" - Nas #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:14 WIB
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Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin

#Illmatic 20 years later & still relevant lyrically, sonically, conceptually #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:18 WIB
AKAdemic @gjladson

With 'Illmatic XX,' Nas draws inspiration from the past via @usatoday #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:32 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

"illmatic" is an album length remix of the "Message" #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:49 WIB
Zora Neale Thirston @redclayscholar

If you got time Friday afternoon at 4PM EST my students and I are chopping it up about #IllmaticXX: #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:52 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

Life's a B - Nas "One quarter through life some God-ly like thing created" #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:53 WIB
Napoleon Wells @NapoleonBXSith

Illmatic was a short, brilliant masterpiece in every sense. One of those times when a man is visited by genius #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:05:58 WIB
M.E. Ferguson @MariFerguson46

@tdj6899 illmatic was definitely a pivotal album for me. Definitely encouraged me to write and write well. #HipHopEd

16/04/2014 08:06:26 WIB
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