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Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

Gd evening everyone :D stay with me for the next 30 minutes. I have prepared something special for you ;)

14/04/2014 20:28:02 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

am going to share with you the very common English expressions. Use these and you will even sound like native speakers ;) so, check'em out!

14/04/2014 20:34:12 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

let's start with 1. twenty four seven (24/7). when someone says it, what they mean is > every minute of everyday

14/04/2014 20:38:36 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

* for instance, YOU CAN VISIT OUR WEBSITE 24/7. it means that you can access the website ANYTIME you want.

14/04/2014 20:40:47 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

2. get the ball rolling = to start something.

14/04/2014 20:44:02 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

* so, if you're in a project and someone says " let's get the ball rolling", what they mean is LET'S START NOW. #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 20:47:11 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

you might have come familiar with this one >>> 3. Take it easy = To Relax #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 20:51:33 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

When someone says to you "I don't have any plan for this weekend. I think I'll take it easy" itmeans that they just want to relax #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 20:54:57 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

4. Sleep on it. Does anyone know what it means??

14/04/2014 20:57:17 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

YUP! so,when someone says "I'll get back to you tomorrow, I have to sleep on it" it means>>> Let me think about my decision first #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:02:33 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

5. I'M BROKE. re-tweet if u thought it was that you're in a broken heart or something. No! it means that YOU HAVE NO MONEY :D #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:06:27 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

next one is very commonly used in invitation. 6. The meeting will start at 7 o'clock SHARP! anyone could tell me what it means?

14/04/2014 21:12:40 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

right! When someone says this expression, it means that YOU MUST NOT BE LATE because the meeting will be started EXACTLY at 7! #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:13:59 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

7.LIKE THE BACK OF MY HAND. it means that You're as familiar with something as with the back of your hand #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:30:10 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

for instance > I know bogor like the back of my hand. it means that I know bogor very well and am very familiar with it #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:31:29 WIB
ダニ サーマン @danisahman

@faktabahasa_bgr It commonly appears in the songs. Like the back of my hand appeared in Taylor Swift - Breath song too. :3 #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:32:39 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

9. GIVE ME A HAND. when someone's carrying something and says "gimmie a hand", It means that they ASK FOR your HELP. #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:37:05 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

sorry that was 8 :p lol. it's getting late. Ok, next 9. I haven't seen him IN AGES. it means> I haven't seen him for a long time #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:47:41 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

10. SICK AND TIRED >> "I'm sick and tired of doing homework" it means that I dont wanna do HW anymore. I hate it! #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:50:17 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

So guys .... those are the most common expressions that you hear in your daily English Conversation #ComEngExp

14/04/2014 21:53:13 WIB
Faktabahasa Bogor @faktabahasa_bgr

Let's call it tonight guys. I'll see you on the other English Conversation #TweeTor. Cyaa ^^

14/04/2014 21:56:20 WIB


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