Pissing Into an Ocean of Piss

Who trolls the trolls? In which @cinco_bajeena's head and the point (of the link that sparks off everything) fail to meet. Successful hyperbole--as I am wont to use--is successful. Lots of piss is taken. At some point @ToastCrust shows up to add value-free input to the discussion, or "discussion." The collage of tweets end on a surreal note as @ToastCrustRead More
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

http://goo.gl/ufM5p - Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced

14/07/2011 22:07:12 WIB
Martin is still staying at home @concretebadger

@owen_s it confirms what I already knew, and I assumed was commonsense. Which means I'm not paranoid after all.

14/07/2011 23:38:08 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@concretebadger in my book only desperate losers/creeps actually approach a woman in public that he is not acquainted with, sooooooo yeah!

15/07/2011 01:27:38 WIB
bernie for burgers 2020 @cinco_bajeena

@owen_s @concretebadger in my mind, people who never approach anyone may as well just go back home and stay hikkis

15/07/2011 01:29:38 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@cinco_bajeena if you mean "people of the gender that you are interested in romantically/sexually" suuuuuuuuuuure old man suuuuuuuuuuuuuure

15/07/2011 01:31:05 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@cinco_bajeena you can almost hear my derisive sneering can't you

15/07/2011 01:31:23 WIB
bernie for burgers 2020 @cinco_bajeena

@owen_s women aren't porcelain dolls and treating them as such is almost as insulting as being a basic creep, sneer all you want though

15/07/2011 01:32:36 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@cinco_bajeena as opposed to thinking that you're god's gift to women and that you *need* to make your presence felt? alright, Hefner.

15/07/2011 01:33:23 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@cinco_bajeena also I like how the point of the post has overtaken your capacity to process most, if any, of it.

15/07/2011 01:33:46 WIB
bernie for burgers 2020 @cinco_bajeena

@owen_s grow a sense of nuance, and barring that, one of humor (didn't read the post, responding purely to your tweets)

15/07/2011 01:34:27 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@cinco_bajeena yeah, we've seen this, it's the @omonomono gambit. you can do better!

15/07/2011 01:34:48 WIB
Martin is still staying at home @concretebadger

@owen_s I suppose I'm right to assume strangers view me as a potential rapist! But feeling 'guilty until proven innocent' is sad, no?

15/07/2011 01:34:54 WIB
Sailor pikachu @cipherpolice

@cinco_bajeena @owen_s @concretebadger Fact: women will talk to you if you approach them in public for at least 2-3 sentences.

15/07/2011 01:35:07 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@concretebadger state of the world we live in. I don't want to impose on anyone, period. pretty presumptuous to do otherwise.

15/07/2011 01:35:29 WIB
Sailor pikachu @cipherpolice

@owen_s @concretebadger @cinco_bajeena well provided you aren't staring at their tits/smell like fungus honestly >_>

15/07/2011 01:35:48 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

@cipherpolnine so we presume to speak for all women do we now

15/07/2011 01:36:36 WIB
Martin is still staying at home @concretebadger

@cipherpolnine @owen_s it's indeed a sign of the times. A complicated issue (too big for 140 characters) but it's saddening to know.

15/07/2011 01:37:25 WIB
Tin☄️(てぃん)@Ultima @Tinkastel

@owen_s I watch anime, I'm already a creep, can I approach women I'm not acquainted with in public? :D

15/07/2011 01:40:07 WIB
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