#EMchat 104: New to EM

We had @NL_Spencer as our guest tonight for our New to EM chat. Nathan is closing in on the end of his first year as an EM pro and brought both insight and questions for veterans and rookies alike. Check out the chat below and join #EMchat every Thursday at 9PM ET!
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Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
It's Thurs night, which means it's #EMchat! We're talking with @NL_Spencer about being a newbie EMer. Join us!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
Emergency Management chat...silly people. We OWN #EMchat in this joint.
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
I'm Jennielle and I'm your MOD tonight...who's all here? Intros, beverage of choice and who did you pick to win #NCAA tourney? #EMchat
Dr. Tony Edwards @TonyEdwardsTSU
.@editorwalker thanks for following! Hope you enjoyed #strategycar . Gearing up for #EMchat !
Nathan Spencer @NL_Spencer
Nathan Spencer, a great glass of red wine and Duke...so not a great picker haha #EMchat
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
Jillian from @csbsju in central MN (where it is snowing!). Drinking a @GLBCinMN IPA and I picked @UWBadgers to win it all! #EMchat
Jim Gilbert @jedhunter1
Jim, split a bottle of Riesling that I bought at #df13 with the wife at dinner and I picked, um, UVA... #EMchat So on to the questions, pls
Jared Smith @jaredsv2
Jared, assoc dir fin aid at UGA celebrating going live on Banner this week with a Sam Adams Rebel IPA #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
@NL_Spencer Very nice (wine), Duke (not so nice) They were the bracket breakers this year! #EMchat :)
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
Alex, non-highered-worker, but highered lover, for sure. #emchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
Tonight we're talking with @NL_Spencer about his first year as an EMer at Abilene Christian U. Welcome him! #EMchat
Nicole Cibelli @Nicole_BCAdm
Nicole from Bloomfield College in Jersey and I picked Michigan State & and I have no teams left on my bracket! #Bracketbusted #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
Q1 coming up next...but first, let us know how many years you've been an # (Enrollment Mgmt, Admissions, etc.)
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
Really enjoyed your post this week, @NL_Spencer! I'm an espresso lover, so I was trying to do the calculations #emchat
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