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Twit para jurnalis di Inggris yg telah menikmati duluan The Emejing Spider-Man 2
olilyttelton @olilyttelton
Settling in for a screening of the new SPIDER-MAN, as I will every other April until I die, civilization crumbles, or Sony go bankrupt
cecilia collins @cicicollins2000
Just saw a private viewing of amazing spiderman 2. My mind is blown :O #spiderman
Mandy Celine 🎥 @mandyceline
Guys #spiderman 2 is fantastic. Admittedly I went in with low hopes and I'm so happy it's amazing.
Den Of Geek UK @denofgeek
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is better than The Amazing Spider-Man.
olilyttelton @olilyttelton
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Terrible. Not so much a movie as a bunch of scenes, almost none of which are any good.
Benjamin Lee @benfraserlee
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would have been 1998's greatest blockbuster
Ned Hartley @NedHartley
Amazing #spiderman 2 was exactly that. Improved on the first movie in every way.
Angus @nguswood
Just got out of the first ever screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. People are going to love it. #SpiderMan
Jamie Edwards @ShowbizJamie
The Amazing #SpiderMan 2 truly "Amazing". Will do for Spidey what Skyfall did for Bond. @SonyPicturesUK
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kate wills @katewills
Spider-Man 2 is ridiculously amazing! And proves my theory that you should never trust a man with a side parting #SpiderMan
olilyttelton @olilyttelton
FYI, there's no post-credits tag on ASM2, hence my supervillain alter ego, Resentfully Sat Through Ten Minutes Of Credits Man.
Sam Batty @sam_batty
Really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Garfield and Stone work well, Dehaan great as Green Goblin. Interested to see where it goes next
Dan Storey @DapperDan
Really enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man 2. But make no mistake the real star of the show is Peter Parker. Spidey definitely plays second fiddle
Simon Thompson @ShowbizSimon
#Spiderman gets the web seal of approval. Ambitious, impressive and hugely exciting. He's winning when he swinging!
Ian Sandwell @ian_sandwell
It's a touch too long, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still a strong sequel that delivers on spectacle and emotion.
Craig Stevens @craigstevens
Really enjoyed The Amazing #SpiderMan 2. Andrew Garfield is fantastic. The closest comic book to screen Spidey so far.
Holly Hewlett @hollyhewlett
The Amazing #SpiderMan 2 is so funny, so moving, and the chemistry between Peter and Gwen is incredible. Go see it!
Dan Seto @dmseto
Amazing #Spiderman 2 is amazing. A couple of things annoyed the Spider-Man nerd in me but I loved it. Loved what they did with Harry Osborn
Jayne Nelson @kakapojayne
By gum, did I enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man 2. By gum, by gum, by gum!
Alex Boultwood @Direlogue
Amazing Spider-Man 2 was almost amazing. Far too much Avengers style world building and tone is all over the place but still V good
Jonathan Pascoe @jpascoe
Really loved The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Excellent film. More believable this time. As he's moved to Google from Bing. #spiderman
Francesco Cerniglia 🏳️‍🌈 @FrankieWriter
The Amazing #Spiderman 2 gets it all quite right: emotional punches, humor, thematic strength & character development. A. Garfield is superb
Thomas Eldred @TomEldred
The Amazing #SpiderMan 2 is funny, spectacular and genuinely quite heartbreaking. Thank you @MarcW
Sean James @SeanJ8
The first reactions for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 are exactly how I pictured them: I still don't care.
Adam Rubins @adamrubins
For me, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the best #SpiderMan movie yet
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