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Are you an avid user of smartphone? Can you spend an hour or day without it? In other words are you addicted to mobile technology?
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name not blank @Yodaonacid
Hey kids, have you placed your advanced order for the new Nokia 3310? #RetroTweet
Lukus St Jean @lukesjeans
I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/P0RpVxnhPt HTC One M8 vs. Nokia 3310 - Which Is Faster?
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Olúwaségun Adélêye @_segunadeleye
Space Impact on Nokia 3310: http://t.co/ULBbr0o6Fm via @YouTube. Who doesn't remember this interesting game? I sure do!!!
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Moe Ragel @moe_ragel
The Nokia 3310 had a weeklong battery life. My iPhone5 barely makes it through a morning. That won't change soon. Why? Because we accept it.
Capitaine @capitainequote
On vit dans un monde où les enfants ont un iPhone 5 et les parents un Nokia 3310.
Has the technology for our smartphones gone too far?

A few decades back, the first mobile or cell phones (call them as you wish), changed our daily routine. Able to converse and contact anyone from anywhere when on the move.

It was also the possibility to send text messages from the same device.

Battery life was amazing but...screens were small and monochrome.

Then Apple iPhone appeared on the market and this was a real revolution. Almost like a pocket computer. Not only about calls and instant messages but browsing the internet, sending/receiving emails and all these Apps which would give you train timetables, weather forecast, sports results and the list goes on.

Of course, all these new features are draining the thin batteries and some users can be frustrated by it.

So Lekki has decided to "relaunch" the Nokia 3310 for the nostalgic users.

Surely, this "old new handset" will create a kind of statement from the users but graphic design services experts might not jump on the wagon, because when it comes to work, smartphones are not seen as a gadget but as a valuable tool - simply because websites need to be mobile as well.

Shopping online, ecommerce or mcommerce is another sector which can change the life/survival of a company. People are busier than ever and a few minutes on the public transports can be used to purchase groceries or any other items and organize a home delivery at the same time.

Technology has certainly NOT gone too far but has moved forward rapidly.

However, it is essential to use and NOT abuse this tool or you could become addicted to check mails, texts or other social media status.


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