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dadefjam @dadefjam 14/07/2011 03:41:33 WIB
Historical document. @kpoulsen: Wired.com publishes the full chat logs between @6 and @bmanningfm. http://j.mp/oGpdbk #wikileaks
Kevin Poulsen @kpoulsen 14/07/2011 04:01:27 WIB
The Manning logs have named anchors for direct links. view source for line number. eg, #
James Ball @jamesrbuk 14/07/2011 04:02:22 WIB
@kpoulsen Post opens with "now is the time to publish". Why now? Why not sooner? Why not later?
Kevin Poulsen @kpoulsen 14/07/2011 04:05:40 WIB
@jamesrbuk The view was the recent NYMag piece substantially mooted our privacy concerns, as described in the post.
James Ball @jamesrbuk 14/07/2011 04:06:45 WIB
@kpoulsen Hmm. I suspect whether publishing was the right or wrong decision is substantially unchanged now versus then.
James Ball @jamesrbuk 14/07/2011 04:07:00 WIB
@kpoulsen But obviously it's a matter for Wired's editorial judgement and no-one else's.
James Ball @jamesrbuk 14/07/2011 04:07:45 WIB
@kpoulsen 1 more query: I'm not sure about your underlining. Think some underlined pars are new, and some non-underlined aren't. Am I right?
Kevin Poulsen @kpoulsen 14/07/2011 04:11:31 WIB
@jamesrbuk Barring some oversight, all the underlined parts are old, all non-underlined parts new (though some had appeared on bboing)
Tom Watson @tomwatson 14/07/2011 04:12:49 WIB
@jamesrbuk @kpoulsen They obviously prove the accusation Wired subjectively redacted logs to aid prosecution, hurt Wikileaks </snark>
matt blaze @mattblaze 14/07/2011 04:20:11 WIB
@kpoulsen Unfortunately, none of that makes it any less sad to read.
Tom Watson @tomwatson 14/07/2011 04:28:35 WIB
@ggreenwald @jamesrbuk You did say at the time what Wired and @kpoulsen seemed "eager, for whatever reasons, to hide the truth." Still fair?
Daniel Hanley 🌹 @calamardh 14/07/2011 04:30:15 WIB
@kpoulsen -- @ggreenwald was right. There is plenty of relevant information here that you should have released sooner.
Kevin Poulsen @kpoulsen 14/07/2011 04:31:51 WIB
@tomwatson @ggreenwald @jamesrbuk We've done more than anyone to reveal the truth in this story, even before today.
James Ball @jamesrbuk 14/07/2011 04:32:45 WIB
@kpoulsen @tomwatson Er, I think Spiegel, Guardian, @ggreenwald @GregMitch, et al, deserve some credit too.
Bailey Carlson @chagrinish 14/07/2011 04:41:10 WIB
.@auerfeld @kpoulsen asked @6 to call him yesterday, I had hoped it was for the Asperger's correction - perhaps it was for this...
Kevin Poulsen @kpoulsen 14/07/2011 04:41:48 WIB
@jamesrbuk Of course: Guardian in particular owns the WikiLeaks story.
James Ball @jamesrbuk 14/07/2011 04:42:53 WIB
@kpoulsen Chatlogs still quite the scoop, if a rather grim one. Imagine you're mainly getting flak for not publishing sooner?
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld 14/07/2011 04:44:36 WIB
.@bailey_carlson I think it's safe to assume it was about this. Wonder if we'll see either of them online in the near future @kpoulsen @6
@twothreemany23 14/07/2011 04:45:56 WIB
@jamesrbuk @ggreenwald I'm just reading, sick doesn't begin to describe it. @kpoulsen the decision to publish now, why?
Cass Andra @nyxpersephone 14/07/2011 04:46:09 WIB
@bailey_carlson So maybe @kpoulsen finally comes clean and corrects/ amends his story on #Lamo. It's also been more than a year since publ.
Bailey Carlson @chagrinish 14/07/2011 04:47:30 WIB
@nyxpersephone Yes, I admit it wont accomplish much - I just can't see any reason not to especially with historical significance. @kpoulsen
Kevin Poulsen @kpoulsen 14/07/2011 04:47:59 WIB
@jamesrbuk We'll get flack for not publishing sooner, for publishing at all, and, Orwellianly, for "concealing" everything we've revealed
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