Loras Network @LorasNetwork
It's hard to juggle family and teaching – but it doesn't do you any harm http://t.co/UC8ZMJQaPV via @guardian
Loras Network @LorasNetwork
Have you seen Svenja? - Top Stories - ZUG4YOU.CH - THE ENGLISH WEBSITE FOR EXPATS IN ZUG http://t.co/JLiRPjtiCJ
Reinhilde @ReinhildeVdA
Jongens en meisjes verschillen, ook in hun manier van leren... http://t.co/Z70Vw4U7OU via @denisegoos
dorothy @dorocas
#lslchat @BartVerswijvel thank you Bart for discussion and all for ideas.
Isobel Bryce @issybryce10
So was a year 7 & 8 assembly more scary for the @OffPerts than Microsoft Global Forum?? @itsmerowey @MrWieprecht http://t.co/XFpdiKcNrO
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Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
@BartVerswijvel Once again it was very nice. New energy to go on marking exams now! #LSLCHAT
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
@BartVerswijvel Pupils can be surprisinly original while presenting. #LSLCHAT http://t.co/o5KjeiUWNu
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Rositsa Mineva ✿ @MinevaRositsa
@BartVerswijvel http://t.co/4XcN2IUEcL - digital drawing and storytelling of chapter2 of lil prince (4th grade) #lslchat
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
@BartVerswijvel Thank you for hosting it and to all participants! really enjoyed it and learned a lot at #lslchat
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel
Thank you all for this lovely #lslchat ! If you have a nice cartoon to finish, please tweet it!
Alessandra P @ale0715
@LVanBeeck creating the right atmosphere in the classroom is also important. it is not an exam but a conversation among friends #lslchat
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