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Nothing awesome from me, but the fact that Pakistan's name was taken at TEDGlobal because of me is PURE AWESOMENESS. Moment of pride! :)
Awab Alvi @DrAwab

#TEDGlobal #askTED Are you an optimist or pessimist and why? Answer the question today and be quoted on #TED

12/07/2011 15:34:33 WIB
Azar Ali Zain @azaralizain

I'm an optimist: Because Life Goes On, so should we! #askTED

12/07/2011 15:53:00 WIB
Suttzz @_soota

@DrAwab #TEDGlobal #askTED An optimist cz thats what life has taught me. Pessimist is static, optimist is always dynamic! #TED

12/07/2011 15:36:24 WIB
Awab Alvi @DrAwab

Lol two #askTED quotes from Pakistan quoted at TEDU one from Karachi and the other from Islamabad :) woot @sharmeenochinoy

12/07/2011 16:34:45 WIB
Awab Alvi @DrAwab

@azaralizain yours lol she could not pronounce your make well lol #TEDGlobal #askted

12/07/2011 16:43:37 WIB
Awab Alvi @DrAwab

@SohaibIrshad I believe your #ASKTED was featured on tedu #TEDGlobal awesome made me proud to hear Pakistan & @azaralizain message thanks

12/07/2011 16:51:09 WIB
Sharmeen Obaid @sharmeenochinoy

@DrAwab on the #TEDGlobal stage talking about his shift from dentistry to activism #Pakistan #TEDFellows

11/07/2011 17:41:02 WIB


Azar Ali Zain @azaralizain 12/07/2011 17:47:53 WIB
Azar Ali Zain Overheard at TEDGlobal
Azar Ali Zain @azaralizain 12/07/2011 17:49:39 WIB
Azar Ali Zain Overheard at TEDGlobal, Edinburgh