European Schoolnet @eu_schoolnet
@mmariabaptista Thanks Manuela, have a great learning experience ;-)
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel
Amazing to see how much early morning activity there is at #fcscourse. Bring the ideas to classroom and staffroom later on. Enjoy the day.
Theodore Goutas @tgoutas
Mea culpa. 21st century govs invest in #education. They don't spend on it. #FCScourse
Arnaud PERRIER @arperrier
#fcscourse Future classroom lab in Brussels seems fantastic. But how could we have such a place in our old schools (place, fourniture...) ?
laetitia le moal @laetitialemoal
#fcscourse very interesting and very true video by Deirdre!
Georgia Maneta @GeorgiaManeta
Can't wait to learn more and more things... #FCScourse
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
@BensBel @bar_zie @BartVerswijvel Great news, Marie-Leet, looking forward to learning with you :-) #etwion #fcscourse
Theodore Goutas @tgoutas
#Tricider not working for #chrome makes it a non cross platform tool. #FCScourse
Theodore Goutas @tgoutas
@PatriziaRoma1 The challenge is here to take for both teachers & governments! #fcscourse
Cornelia Melcu @CorneliaMelcu
I have just Listened Deidre s and Bart s lectures #fcscourse
chiara torchia @torchiara1
#fcscourse First step M1:Done!Inspiring Deirdre.Entering a difficult classroom with another mood tomorrow. Thanks http://t.co/Ynumd4XUMv
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Betina Astride @betinaastride
#fcscourse …just listened listen to Deirdre Butler’s video.
Patrizia Roma @PatriziaRoma1
#fcscourse I found out that Tricider doesn't work on Chrome but it does on Firefox, change the browser if you have had the same problem
Betina Astride @betinaastride
Very interesting all the graphs you add #fcscourse ;) thanks!
Betina Astride @betinaastride
#fcscourse I belong to the primary group (17% by now) and i’m from Portugal.
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
@abfromz @bar_zie @BartVerswijvel I'm in! I'm even on the map. Location ALMOST right this time ;-) #fcscourse
Betina Astride @betinaastride
#fcscourse Live Webinar Schedule: wrote down on my calendar ;)
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
Completed survey & added marker to course participants map. Very huge group! See you tomorrow... #FCScourse
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